Best Alternatives To Institute For Therapeutic Massage (ITM)

Choosing the right Massage training can be very difficult.
Our top alternatives to Institute for Therapeutic Massage (ITM) are:

NJ School of Massage
Body and Mind Massage Institute

Why Is ANHSTC Our Top Choice?

At ANHSTC, we offer a unique massage training program, designed to expose you to both Eastern and Western massage modalities, as well as prepare you to take and pass the national Massage & Bodyworks Licensing Exam (MBLX). The 8 month, 650-hour night program consists of 4 massage modalities (Swedish, Shaitzu, Medical Massage, and Reflexology), as well as 3 academic rotations (Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Business, and Ethics). Tuition is affordable, and we offer monthly payment option. School is 3 nights per week, perfect for FT workers, and college students. You will graduate with more credit hours than any other NJ school. 

At the end of your program, we offer an optional MBLX prep Workshop FREE to Academy students. You will also meet with the Director of the Academy, for a one-on-one to discuss your next steps, and job placement needs.

What made Institute for Therapeutic Massage (ITM) a good Massage Therapy School?

Large organization, making them a powerhouse in NJ. They offered continued education courses, accepted FAFSA (federal financial aid), gave you a free massage table and laptop with admission.

Why Did ITM Close?

The large organization, sold to a new corporate partner while the Institute was in the red.

What are the benefits of becoming a massage therapist?

Being a massage therapist is an incredibly flexible and rewarding career. You have a multitude of options of places to work, fullt-ime or part-time, and you can even work for yourself as a private practice. Nationally, massage therapists are in short supply, but in high demand.

Why is ANHS our top alternative to Therapeutic Massage (ITM)?

ANHS has been training the next generation of massage therapists for more than 20 years. As opposed to larger schools, we maintain small class sizes to ensure one-on-one attention to each of our students.

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