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The Academy of Natural Health Sciences Offers:

​Massage & Bodywork Therapy Certification

NJ State Licensing Program

Classroom Nutrition Certification

Home-Study/Online Nutrition Certification

Home-Study/Online Holistic Health Certifications

Low-Cost Tuitions & Expert Instruction

(We have hundreds of online students
from around the world.)

The Academy has been a leading massage school in NJ. We are also a leading nutrition school, holistic school, (Herbology) herbal school, natural healing school, and holistic health school for over 20 years. Our massage therapy, holistic nutrition counseling, aromatherapy classes, reiki, master herbalist, sports nutrition, pet nutrition, pet careers, and other natural healing courses are great trainings with affordable tuition.

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Healing Hands
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I loved learning nutrition at this school, the owner of the school is very knowledgeable and helpful, I highly recommend this school
Cristina C
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Academy of Natural Health Sciences gave me a solid foundation in Massage Therapy, teaching the most effective techniques that leave you with you happy clients (and nice tips 🙂 ) I was hired at an upscale spa straight out of school based on what I've learned from Dr Frank....
Robert G
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Your program is one of the best in the country. How you ever put it together I have no idea. I been around and talk to people from all types of programs from all over the U.S. and the world. Many people have five times the training I do and still don't know half of what I learned from you.....
Sol O
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Your program is one of the best in the country. How you ever put it together I have no idea. I been around and talk to people from all Great opportunity to learn new skills in a comfortable setting that encourages learning. I learned a lot from the massage and body work program at ANHS and will be looking forward to using what I’ve learned to help others!
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...I appreciate the fact that we have looked at therapeutic topics like heart health, Diabetes ,weight loss ,digestive wellness and cancer and etc. The Academy is a great school and very clean and a well kept place. Dr. Frank is a wonderful teacher. He is very helpful, and prompt in returning emails. I enjoyed his lectures. He's knowledgeable and explains things well. I hope that this information is helpful. I highly recommend this class!
Tyria J
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I just received my certificate for Sports Nutrition Specialist at Academy Natural Health Science. I did the home study program online and it was a great experience and I plan on getting more from this school. I had the great Dr. Frank as my instructor and was not disappointed. He is very knowledgeable and helpful...
Glenn S.
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The nutrition course gave me a great base of knowledge that allows me to feel comfortable and confident with what I have learned. The course is not only affordable, but gave me a great learning experience in every aspect of nutrition. Dr. Frank was very helpful and a good teacher, he always took his time explaining things in person and email with any question you may have had...
Ralph M.
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The Academy of Natural Health Sciences. Dr. Frank is a very experienced professional, A true educator. Incredible courses and leaning center.
Lynnette S.
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My experience at the Academy of Natural Health Science was a rewarding one. The small class size gave me the opportunity to receive more direct and personal attention. This for me aided in boosting my confidence while learning a new skill.
Kristin T.
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I have taken other “holistic health” trainings and certifications and felt like something was always missing. I yearned to know more and wanted to feel confident in what I was learning and not be subject to fad nutrition information. I went in search of a true nutrition course and found the Academy. I’m glad I did...

We are a New Jersey Department of Education Approved
Private Vocational School. In addition, all of the Academy’s
career programs and courses are individually approved by the
New Jersey Department of Education
. We specialize in massage and
holistic health education and trainings that include:


Our massage, nutrition and holistic health programs
feature low-cost tuitions.

We offer small class sizes and convenient
online/home-study programs to make
it easy for our expert instructors to
prepare you for a rewarding,
professional career.

The Academy has been providing the State of New Jersey with
high quality, professional training programs since 1990.

We invite you to make an appointment to visit the school
or to contact us to talk about your area of interest.

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