Classroom and Home-Study Learning

The Academy’s classroom programs are held here at our school in Woodbridge, NJ – USA. Our Massage Therapy programs, Nutrition programs (human nutrition), Table-Top Yoga and Reiki programs are all classroom trainings only.

For our Home-Study programs, we will send you a book list for your program. You can buy your books from, Barnes &, or from the book dealer of your choice. AmazonGlobal, BetterWorldBooks and BookDepository are International Shippers.

We then send you a list of test questions, based on the first chapter of the first book. The student first reads the chapter, then goes back and answers the questions. Once the chapter’s questions are completed, the student sends the test questions to their teacher, via e-mail, who grades it, answers any questions and sends the grade to the student.

Our home-study students say they really learn a lot and that doing it this way is both fun and easy. There are no classroom attendance requirements. Our home-study programs do not include internet classes, lectures or DVD’s. However, we use how-to videos for our Fragrance Consultant & Aromatherapy programs.

Academy of Natural Health Sciences® – Woodbridge, New Jersey (NJ)

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