Health & Wellness Home-Study Courses

Our holistic home study programs, are designed to allow you to work at your own pace, as you are guided through your education. You will utilize a combination of textbook learning, and our online coursework materials to gain a comprehensive knowledge in your desired course of study. Instructors are available for questions, and needs, however, there is no live training or classes to log in to.

When you first enroll, you will be given a list of the first books you will need to purchase, as well as a link to enroll in our new online learning platform. Books can be easily found online through vendors such as Amazon, Kindle, Chegg, and various other resources. Once you complete and upload coursework, you will be granted access to the next set of materials, and book list. Occasionally, there may be resources that will be provided to you such as documents, videos, or pre recorded lectures. Again, all these materials can be found on the learning platforms.

You will need to have access to the internet, preferably via a computer or tablet, as some materials may be difficult to access on a mobile device. You also much have a proficient knowledge and use of the English language, as all course work must be completed in English. Translation software does not work well with the types of subject matter you will be discussing.

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