Holistic Health School In Port Monmouth, New Jersey

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences is a holistic health school in Port Monmouth. The academy provides extensive training as well as education in alternative health and wellness techniques, including herbal nutrition, homeopathic pet care, Massage Therapy training, as well as aromatherapy. With a focus on holistic and natural strategies to health, the academy prepares trainees to become knowledgeable and skilled specialists in their selected fields. 

With a dedication to holistic health and wellness, the academy provides students with the tools as well as knowledge they require to impact their neighborhoods and the globe favorably.

Massage Program In Port Monmouth, New Jersey

Our massage programs are developed to instruct massage therapists the fundamentals of providing therapeutic massage and bodywork services, as well as scholastic programs to recognize the body as a functioning system. Our trainees learn numerous massage types and methods, such as Swedish, Shiatzu, Sports & Medical massage, as well as reflexology. They will also discover anatomy & physiology, pathology, and kinesiology. Additionally, our programs consist of courses on service concepts and principles to prepare trainees for a profession in massage therapy.

All massage courses are at held at 167 Main St #2A, Metuchen, NJ 08840

Discover the Benefits of Natural Health and Wellness with Our Massage Program in Port Monmouth, NJ

Natural health and wellness through massage therapy provide many benefits to those that seek a massage program. Massage therapy has actually been used for centuries as a reliable treatment, from leisure and also discomfort alleviation to stress decrease and boosted muscular tissue function. Seeking a massage program can help provide remedy for a variety of ailments, improve physical and psychological well-being, decrease anxiety levels, boost variety of motion, improve flexibility in muscular tissues and joints, enhance the immune system, release endorphins that offer a feeling of satisfaction or ecstasy, advantage general wellness, a foster connection between body and mind as well as promote relaxation.

Experience the many benefits of natural health and wellness with our massage program today!

Why You Ought To Trust Us With Your Massage Program In Port Monmouth

Massage therapy is a rapidly growing area, offering a fulfilling occupation helping others feel their finest. Our thorough massage therapy qualification program is made to offer you the abilities and also expertise you require to end up being an accredited massage therapist.

Right here are some vital features of our program:

  • Experienced instructors
  • Night classes
  • Diverse curriculum
  • Affordable tuition
  • MBLX prep workshops

Call us today to learn more and also start your journey to becoming an accredited massage therapist!

Clinical Nutrition Program In Port Monmouth, NJ

Our clinical nutrition course concentrates on the medical aspects of nutrition. The program includes dietary requirements for specific health issues, exactly how to make use of diet to deal with illness, how to use food to stop and also handle diseases, exactly how to counsel people on nutrition, and how to examine a person’s dietary condition.

Discover the Advantages of Clinical Nutrition Courses

Finishing a clinical nutrition program can have numerous benefits for individuals of all ages and also profession. Not only can medical nutrition courses offer crucial expertise and abilities to sufficiently assess and recommend meal plans individuals with nutrition-related health concerns, however the coursework can also assist those looking to make lifestyle adjustments or boost their overall health. Below are some key benefits of taking a professional nutrition training course:

  • Gaining an intricate understanding of the latest clinical evidence-based guidelines, nutritional requirements for various health concerns, and potential therapies provides a foundation to make educated decisions about one’s well-being.
  • Enhanced ability to assess, counsel, and recommend nutritional interventions for patients in need.
  • Understanding the connection between diet and physical/mental well-being can unlock the key to optimal health.
  • Gain the ability to interpret laboratory results and make dietary recommendations accordingly.
  • Improving your awareness of the importance of good nutrition in promoting optimal health.
  • Enhanced communication skills when counseling patients on dietary changes

The Academy has been a leading massage school in NJ, nutrition school, holistic school, herbal school, natural healing school and holistic health school for over 20 years. Our massage therapy, holistic nutrition counseling, aromatherapy classes, reiki, master herbalist, sports nutrition, pet nutrition, pet careers, and other natural healing courses are great training's with affordable tuition.


All in-person courses are at held at 167 Main St #2A, Metuchen, NJ 08840

The Unparalleled Quality of Our Clinical Nutrition Course

The Clinical Nutrition Program offers unrivaled top quality as well as detailed education in the area of nutrition. With skilled teachers, as well as a curriculum covering the most up to date developments in the field, our trainees get a versatile education and learning.

Prepare yourself to learn the science behind nutrition as well as its necessary role in achieving overall health and well-being!

Clinical Pet Nutrition Course in Port Monmouth, New Jersey

Our clinical pet nutrition programs provide a detailed summary of the scientific research behind nutrition for animals and its influence on health. These courses cover topics such as the duty of nutrients, vitamins, as well as minerals; the effects of various diet plans on different species; and lifestyle adjustments that lead to enhanced health results. Through these courses, trainees understand exactly how to use nutrition for optimum health in animal buddies.

Advantages of a Clinical Pet Nutrition Program

A clinical pet nutrition course can help you better recognize the dietary requirements of cats as well as canines as well as give suggestions on guaranteeing they get all the essential nutrients they require. 

Below are several of the advantages of taking a clinical pet nutrition program:

  1. Understand Nutritional Requirements: A clinical pet nutrition course will help you understand your pets’ nutritional requirements based on age, weight, activity level, and medical history. 
  2. Evaluate Food Quality: High-quality food is essential for keeping your pets healthy and preventing disease.
  3. Identify Sources of Nutrients: A significant part of any pet’s diet includes essential vitamins and minerals. By taking a clinical pet nutrition course, you will better understand which sources are appropriate for your pet’s needs.
  4. Prevent Health Problems: Learn how to proactively prevent health problems in your pets through nutritional choices while managing existing conditions with proper diet adjustments when needed. 

Our Medical Domestic Pet Nutrition Program is unmatched because of numerous crucial factors:

  • We have certified pet nutrition experts with years of experience in the field.
  • We cover all aspects of pet nutrition, from anatomy and physiology to diet and disease management.
  • We are applying knowledge in a practical setting to understand the material better.
  • We are equipped with the latest technology and resources for the best learning environment possible.

The mix of these factors, plus our commitment to student success, brings about an unmatched top quality that makes our Clinical Pet Nutrition Program like no other.

Master Herbalist Training Course In Port Monmouth, New Jersey

Our Master Herbalist Program is a detailed training program that instructs the study of herbal medication. It covers subjects such as plant identification, herbology, anatomy & physiology, nutrition, as well as holistic recovery. In addition, this training course trains individuals to utilize plants and herbal treatments as a type of alternative medicine to deal with different health problems. Upon completion, trainees receive a certification as a Master Herbalist.

What are the Benefits of the Master Herbalist Course

Take your understanding of holistic therapy as well as herbalism to the following degree with a Master Herbalist Program! With this program, you can:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of traditional herbalism
  • Learn how to create natural remedies and therapies
  • Discover the healing potential of different herbs
  • Explore holistic wellness practices and their benefits
  • Unlock the secrets of ancient healing traditions
  • Develop the skills to identify and use different herbs
  • Enhance your knowledge of natural health and wellness

Enroll in our Master Herbalist Training course today and unlock the power of herbs!

All in-person courses are at held at 167 Main St #2A, Metuchen, NJ 08840

Why Pick Our Exceptional Master Herbalist Training Course

Discover holistic wellness with our premier Master Herbalist Course. With a focus on standard herbalism and natural health, our program offers unequaled education on the healing power of herbs. Our skilled and highly-trained instructors are committed to aiding you open the keys of herbalism to boost your overall wellness. Whether you are seeking a detailed herbalism program or the opportunity to discover the complete possibility of natural remedies, our Master Herbalist Program has something to offer everyone– from novices to innovative specialists. Join us today and begin opening the power of natural herbs!

Anti-Aging Training Course In Port Monmouth, NJ

Our Anti-Aging Course is a program created to help people protect their young people and slow down the process of aging. It focuses on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and mental well-being principles to advertise healthier behaviors and also aid customers remain younger much longer. On top of that, the course consists of recommendations from specialists in these areas and also handy ideas for points like skin care and managing age-related concerns.

Top Benefits of an Anti-Aging Program

Anti-aging is a problem for everybody, and also an anti-aging course can help battle this worry. 

Below are the top advantages:

  1. Learn about healthy lifestyle practices and better nutrition that can improve overall health and wellness
  2. Teach individuals how to slow down the aging process by reducing the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress.
  3. Provide individuals with tips and techniques to enhance their beauty and appearance, such as skincare, makeup, and grooming.
  4. Learn how to increase their energy levels through healthy habits, diet, and exercise.
  5. Learn how to maintain mental and emotional health through stress management and mindfulness practices.
  6. Provide opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.

Why You Should Select Our Unique Anti-Aging Training Course

The ANHS provides a unique anti-aging program created to help people recognize the aging procedure and how to slow it down. Here are some reasons you must select ANHS for this program:

  1. Expert Instructors
  2. Personalized Approach
  3. Evidence-Based Curriculum
  4. Focus on Natural Solutions

Take control of your aging process and find the secrets to a much healthier, younger-looking you. Enroll in our special anti-aging course currently!

The Academy has been a leading massage school in NJ, nutrition school, holistic school, herbal school, natural healing school and holistic health school for over 20 years. Our massage therapy, holistic nutrition counseling, aromatherapy classes, reiki, master herbalist, sports nutrition, pet nutrition, pet careers, and other natural healing courses are great training's with affordable tuition.


All in-person courses are at held at 167 Main St #2A, Metuchen, NJ 08840

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Contact Info:

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All in-person courses are at held at 167 Main St #2A, Metuchen, NJ 08840

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