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Table Top Yoga Classes Program

Train to be a
Table-Top Yoga Practitioner®

If your thinking about training for Yoga in NJ, you may also want to consider
the Academy's Table-Top Yoga® program.

A Table -Top Yoga® Practitioner (TYP®) assists the client through a series of movements and stretches that mirror traditional Yoga floor positions. Done on a massage table, these movements provide a greater muscular stretching and realigning effect upon the client’s body than unassisted, traditional Yoga floor exercises can
achieve. If you plan to practice Yoga in NJ, offering Table-Top Yoga®
can be an effective way to attract clients that would normally not
be interested in traditional floor Yoga.

As a Table -Top Yoga® Practitioner (TYP®) you can earn from $60.00 - $100.00 an
hour. You may work in your own private practice, wellness centers, healthcare
offices, gyms and spas. Turn your passion for yoga into a career
that can earn you extra income.

Yoga in NJ can be very competitive. It seems like every gym and office building with a spare room is offering some kind of yoga classes. But, a Table -Top Yoga Practitioner®
offers a very unique service. She says to her clients: "Just lie down on this
comfortable table and relax. I will do all the stretching for you."
Her clients experience less stress, less strain and feel a
deep relaxation and calm after the session.

Imagine trying to drag your own mom or dad to a yoga class. I know my parents wouldn't even think of trying yoga. But, if you lay them down on a comfortable table and
allow them to experience the gentle, relaxing techniques that are the
hallmark of Table-Top Yoga®; don't you think they'll be back for more?

So, if your thinking about yoga training, consider the benefits the Academy's Table-Top Yoga® program can bring your practice.

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