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The Academy is a great school to learn the massage techniques you need to learn. Dr. Frank has created his program to make it possible to succeed with the training while still being able to work full time. He makes sure all students get tons of practice time so that they can perfect their techniques and have the correct stances to avoid putting stress on their bodies as therapists. The programs are very affordable and Dr. Frank is very understanding and flexible when working with his students. Thanks Doc!

Sarah Schmidt

After searching for months for massage therapy education programs, I was fortunate enough to find the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. I was immediately impressed by the program's curriculum and pleasantly surprised by the affordable price point. Throughout my study at the Academy, I've been afforded the opportunity to learn massage therapy techniques that will enable me to become a success in the field. Dr. Frank Auriemma, provides his students with a well-rounded education. I believe that the education I've received at the Academy is of high caliber and I would recommend this program to anyone interested in massage therapy.

Dyan Conklin

I was really pleased to find Dr. Frank's Academy of Natural Health and Sciences, after a long search for a program that was held in a classroom, not online. It was very affordable and did not interfere with my current practice. The program is intense and thorough. I now feel that I am completely qualified to aid my clients in achieving their holistic nutrition goals. Thank You Dr. Frank!

Eva M. Biernat

I took advantage of the training program that was provided to me from unemployment. I searched through so many massage schools and I found the perfect one (Academy of Natural Health Sciences). I highly recommend this school. It is very affordable, awesome curriculum, one on one attention from an excellent teacher Dr. Frank Auriemma. Thank you so much Dr. Frank. Keep up the excellent work.

Rhiannon Lorrichio

“This has been the clearest and the most complete training on nutrition and holistic health I have ever attended. The material you have presented will be of great value.”

Dr. Elric Franks, MD

I searched for massage therapy course that I would be interested for a long time. I found the Academy of Natural Health Sciences and I met Dr. Frank. He is very accommodating, has a lot of patience, knowledgeable and has a very good sense of humor. He gave me a very clear structure and full materials needed to learn and finish the whole course. I highly recommend him and this school to anyone. I'm very happy, now, that I can do massage to my kids who play sports all the time. They said, "We are lucky, our mom is a massage therapist and we are proud of her”. It gives me more confidence. I'm now prepared to become a professional Massage Therapist. Thank you Dr. Frank for making my life changed.

Tomoco Imazu

I attended the Academy of Natural Health Sciences from 2007-2008 and received my certification in Clinical Nutrition. It's a very intensive and thorough program dealing with all aspects of nutrition. The more I work in this field, the more I appreciate the education I received. Dr. Frank is extremely knowledgeable and supportive of his students.

Becky Klahre

"Superb massage school-best in NJ. The academy of natural health sciences gave me everything I needed and more to become a very talented massage therapist. Dr Frank is brilliant. I looked around for a long time before I found the ANHS. Classes were just the right size for me and the instructors really fueled my passion to learn. And the price was great. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to become a great massage therapist.

Frank Mallana

I highly recommend the Academy as well as the subject of Nutrition and Holistic Health. You will learn nutrition in a concise format (and a little humor) as well as the business side to consulting-something other schools don’t offer. You will graduate with the knowledge and confidence to run your own holistic nutrition consulting business and you will have all the necessary forms and reference material to get you started. In fact, if I wasn’t so busy with my own business, The Food Pharmacy, (that I started with another student from class), I would love to attend other programs.

Fran Bleuet

I attended the Academy of Natural Health Sciences' Massage Therapy program in 2005. After finishing school, I began working in health clubs and for Massage Envy. I moved to California in 2007 and was hired to teach at the National Holistic Institute, A College of Massage Therapy. Currently, I am the San Jose Campus Manager. I attribute my success to Dr. Frank's willingness to inspire his students and educate them about the field of Massage and what it takes to be successful. I recommend the Academy of Natural Health Sciences to anyone interested in starting a new career in an exciting profession.

Beth McNeil

After searching around for a good nutrition program, my friends told me about the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. Dr. Frank's curriculum is extremely well-researched, thorough and current. In the field of nutrition, there is an over-whelming amount of information out there, but Dr. Frank has put in the time to research and organize all of it, which is reflected in the study materials as well as his enthusiastic and high-energy teaching style. I highly recommend this program to anyone who's interested in pursuing a career in holistic nutrition or for anyone who would like to expand their well-being & nutrition knowledge.

Unju Kim

When I began my search for a massage school, I wanted to make sure it would provide me with a solid foundation in the applications/theories needed to be successful. I found all of this at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. Dr. Frank is very patient and takes the time to make sure you have mastered every technique, while making the entire experience fun. His encouragement and positive feedback have made me confident in my massage skills and have prepared me well for this career. I highly recommend ANHS for training in the natural health sciences. Thanks for everything, Doctor!!

Keisa Wilson

I took the nutrition program on the recommendation of a friend who learned massage from Dr. Frank. By the way, my friend is the best massage therapist I've ever experienced in the state of NJ. I appreciated the thoroughness and scientific basis of Dr. Frank's approach. He clearly knows his stuff and keeps up with all the latest research. He is generous in answering any and all questions with depth and clarity. The areas of study are complete. The small class size keeps it personal and engaging. And after completing the program you don't feel abandoned. Dr. Frank is there to support you as needed. Thank you Dr. Frank.

Martha Saitta

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences has been an ideal opportunity for me to learn about massage therapy while still being able to work a full-time job. The instructor is always clear and helpful. He truly goes out of his way for his students and has helped me with my marketing efforts. The program is very complete and very rewarding. I would recommend this this massage therapy program to anyone going into the massage field 100%.

Peter Roszkowiak

The Clinical Nutrition course with Dr. Frank was intense, very informative and quite challenging at times. All aspects of nutrition were covered with special focus on preventing disease. Each student is given the freedom to explore in-depth areas of nutrition that interest them. As a personal trainer and yoga instructor I wanted to be able to advise my clients on the importance of proper eating habits and nutritional support. I gained way more than that, I gained enough knowledge to open the doors for another career path. Thank you Dr. Frank. I know I will use you as a reference and a mentor for years to come!

Dawn A. Sharp

“The confidence and expertise your massage training has given me is worth many times the cost of your program. It’s been great fun!”

Carol Monte-Moran

I searched for a facility that could give me the education that I wanted and also be flexible with my time since I work full time for a local Internist. Being in Dr Frank's nutrition class was like being back in college again. It was very formal and professional. The education I have gained from Dr. Frank has given me the confidence to start my own successful business. Thank you Dr Frank!

Terri Irizarry

I am very pleased with The Academy's Massage & Bodywork Therapy Program. Dr. Frank is one of the most thorough and compassionate people I've had the pleasure of learning from. The course renewed my Spirit and has given me the key to open the door. Thanks Dr. Frank!

Eva Gohs

One of the best decisions I've ever made was attending The Academy of Natural Health Sciences! The education I have received from the school has enabled me to do what I love for a living. I've been an integral part in starting health food stores from scratch; worked as a buyer, holistic nutrition consultant and educator for Whole Foods Market; worked along side Naturopathic physicians and worked as a massage therapist at the Keswick Spa & Country Club in VA. None of these experiences would have been possible if I hadn't taken the Nutrition & Massage Programs. I can't say enough about Dr. Frank and his fierce dedication to his students while attending the school and after graduation. He has been an amazing mentor. It has all been a blessing to my life.

Lisa Balabas

When I started my search for a massage therapy school I was looking for a good and an affordable school. The Academy of Natural Health Sciences definitely met these requirements, it is a great school that provides hands on training, has a flexible schedule and a great training program. Dr. Frank is a great teacher!!!

Carmen Melenciano

Everything I learned at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences, I actually use out in the field every day. Dr Frank Auriemma is a phenomenal educator and friend. After graduating from the Academy in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health, I was able to create a Career, and Develop a Business for myself. Since Dr. Frank and the Academy are highly respected by clients and healthcare providers, I receive plenty of referrals and I am eagerly invited to work in medical offices. Thanks to the guidance of a true master of the trade.

Kim Pauline

It has been a great learning experience at the Academy. I would highly recommend the massage program. Dr. Frank is a very dedicated instructor and a great human being. The program is detailed and easy to understand. It is a perfect blend of western and eastern methods of massage skills and techniques. Great hands-on experience plus theory. I am glad that I made the right choice by choosing the Academy as the stepping stone of my career. Thank you Dr. Frank!

Naveen Aggarwal

“I’m happy that class schedules enabled me to commute from my home in Chicago to attend your truly innovative nutrition program. It has far surpassed my expectations. Thanks for a wonderful new beginning.”

Maria D. Maroney

The school is a great place to learn massage techniques. Very affordable for the amount of information you receive. Dr. Frank is very knowledgeable and you get a lot of practice time to perfect your skill. It’s not just a school it’s a place where you meet interesting people.

Meryserket Anitefnut

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences is a great place to learn massage therapy and to harness your passion for the holistic arts. Dr. Frank is highly knowledgeable in multiple fields, thereby giving a very wide perspective from which the natural health sciences are based. I strongly recommend anyone with an avid interest in these areas to visit this lovely center located just blocks from the train station in Woodbridge, NJ. I graciously thank Dr. Frank for all of his assistance regarding academics and for simply making the overall experience a genuinely enjoyable one.

Billy Root

Prior to entering Dr. Frank’s nutrition program we performed tremendous amount of research on the best schooling out there in respect to Nutrition, Academy of Natural Health Sciences was a perfect choice. We found Dr. Frank to be very knowledgeable on all topics, very personable and willing to answer all questions asked. Nutrition program was very informative, lots of great information, classes convenient for everyone. We had lots of fun with Dr. Frank. He provided us with the knowledge and we are much better physical therapist for it!!

Ewelina Tasyniec & Magdalena Buczek

I am currently a student in the 650-Hr. Massage Program. Dr. Frank shares a wealth of knowledge and practical information. The learning environment is relaxed and fun, and the training is very hands-on. I feel I have already learned many useful skills and look forward to completing the course. Thank you, Dr. Frank.

Liliane Blanco

“I have very much enjoyed your nutrition course and have gained so much useful information for my practice. I will recommend this school to everyone.”

Maria Blackman

I highly recommend the massage therapy course for anyone who is seriously considering being a massage therapist. Dr Frank is a very professional and knowledgeable teacher. Class sizes are small, each student has enough time to practice, to ask questions and receive personal attention from the teacher. In addition, you will learn information and tips not taught in books. It was a lot of fun to share my 8 months of schooling with enthusiastic and friendly people.

Maria Torrisi

For months I searched for a nutrition school that would give me a full and thorough overview of all things nutrition. I was looking for a certification program that would teach me everything I would need to know about the body's systems, supplements, herbs, chronic diseases, as well as how to actually assess a client and help them properly. The program covers every topic that a holistic nutritionist would need to know. I would absolutely recommend the Academy's Nutrition Program.

Cara Pescatore

I attended the Academy for massage therapy as someone doing a mid-life career change. The academy was perfect for me. I was able to work full-time while attending classes 3 nights a week. I was a bit apprehensive that it would be physically challenging after working all day, but Dr. Frank taught us how important 'stance' and technique are in the therapist's field. The study guides were very effective learning tools and Dr. Frank is very knowledgeable. He always put the medical terms and procedures into layman’s terms and situations we could relate to. His stories and experiences were so interesting to listen to. I also met so many amazing people in all the classes and we had lots of fun. Thanks Doc for a great experience!

Patty Petronko

I was asking around for a very good Natural Health Science School and one of my coworkers recommended and introduced me to Dr. Frank’s Natural Health Science School. I am very pleased with the school and Dr. Frank’s teaching. The training is very interesting. Dr. Frank is very knowledgeable in his field. He understands natural health science. I would say in my opinion, Dr. Frank is an expert in his field. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to pursue knowledge in Natural Health and Science. Thank you Dr. Frank.

Elizabeth Metivier

I am very lucky that I found this school. I had been in America just three years when I went to the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. I was worried that I might not understand English in the massage class, but I still wanted to try. I thought if I could not understand I would quit, but I understood very well. Dr. Frank is very patient and speaks slowly and teaches conscientiously. Right now, I have only one more week in the school, I am already missing our classes.

Lisa Liu

The teacher is very professional and knowledgeable. His teaching technique allows students to acquire knowledge fast. In this school, the teacher puts a lot of emphasis on practice. Study groups are small. Therefore, there is always a pleasant atmosphere in the class. Also, there is more time for each student to learn and practice. This school is very competitive with other much more expensive schools. Tuitions are much lower and more affordable. Everyone who studied in my reflexology, chair massage and chair energy therapy classes were very satisfied. Many students traveled long distances and had to overcome many obstacles just to attend. At the end, it was all worth it.

Eliza Maziarz

After much research and attending open houses for various other Massage Therapy Schools, I chose THE ACADEMY OF NATURAL HEALTH SCIENCES because it had absolutely everything I was looking for. Small classes, great night hours (which allowed me to still work full-time), an AMAZING teacher, and not to mention an outstanding price. I am not scheduled to graduate until the end of February, but I already feel SO prepared to finish the program and start my new career!

Erika Merino

After months of searching for the most informative, reliable, and affordable program in nutrition I came across the Academy. It is the most effective and affordable program for holistic nutrition in the Tri-State area. I enjoyed every class and was always so eager to learn more. I don't think I would be comfortable in giving nutritional counsel to people if it wasn't for all the knowledge and confidence I gained through my experience with the Academy.

Stephanie Galletta

The location is convenient. The price is affordable. Dr. Frank is my one stop shop for information! I learn by doing so Dr. Frank's hands-on massage class was the perfect fit for me. My Massage and Bodywork Therapist education will go great with my Personal Trainer and my Holistic Health practices.

Cecilia Alston

I attended the Academy of Natural Health Sciences and took the Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health training program and it by far exceeded my expectations. Prior to that I had studied holistic nutrition and natural health at a major university and I thought I knew a thing or two about nutrition, but I was mistaken. After I attended the program I had such a solid grasp of nutrition that I now teach medical professionals the basics of nutrition and holistic health.

Robert Galarowicz

Attending Academy of Natural Health Sciences for Massage Therapy has been the best decision I ever made for myself and my career. I have learned all the necessary massage techniques to gain employment in any spa or for my own business. I could not be happier. Dr. Frank is an amazing teacher who takes the time to treat every student as if they are the only one. He gives unlimited hands on training and is always ready to answer questions. The small class sizes make learning easy because there is plenty of time to practice and learn. I would highly recommend ANHS to anyone looking to be a massage therapist and wants the best education from a knowledgeable teacher who cares.

Robin Brink

For the past few months I have been attending the “Academy of Natural Health Sciences.” I am pleased to say that I have had a wonderful experience. The institute is a great place for learning. My teacher is kind, knowledgeable and professional. He treats all his students with respect. What I love most about Dr. Frank, is his amazing way of explaining concepts and modeling the fundamentals of therapeutic practice. I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in furthering their education in therapeutic/medical massage.

Ricardo Gutierrez

I have always been fascinated with food and nutrition. So, I returned to school to study just that. What I got out of it was a true understanding of the body, how it works, and, what it needs for fuel, repair, maintenance and preservation. Dr. Frank’s lectures are super-engaging. The nutrition course materials are enticing; keeping you interested and always wanting more. Even after graduating, Dr. Frank is still teaching and guiding me. I highly recommend this school/program.

Heidi Schulz

This school is a perfect platform to create long lasting skills in the field of Massage Therapy. The hours and tuition were the main reasons I chose Dr. Frank's school, but while attending, I have formed long-lasting friendships with other students as well as our accomplished teacher, which serve to offer me countless opportunities to better my practice in the years to come. Not only has my knowledge grown throughout this program, but also my confidence in techniques which have added to my passion for this healing modality. If you are interested in a very personalized education with attention to detail in a fun-loving atmosphere, then the Academy is for you. Come with a drive to learn, a humble approach to positive feed-back and a willingness to have fun while learning your trade.

Valerie Kercheval

The Academy is one of the most comprehensive school's I have researched. Dr Frank's Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health course was designed to offer the student the natural therapies with the most science behind them, so that as consultants, his graduates will do the most good as well as succeed in the business world. I recommend this school to anyone who wants a truly comprehensive holistic nutrition program.

Michael J. Yavorski

Dr. Frank's programs are highly recommended if you are looking for a massage school with plenty of hands on training, detailed lectures, and an abundance of one on one communication and guidance for deeper comprehension other school may not offer. His class sizes are small, and everyone is always a pleasure to be around, and assist in daily functions of each training module. If you are looking for a new career path; I would recommend all my friends to the Academy Of Natural Health Sciences.

Dawn Wilson

Hello my name is Edward. I'm a 2005 Alumni of Academy of Natural Health Sciences. I received professional massage training that has made my resume in demand. Dr. Frank Auriemma is an excellent teacher and has amazing intellect and skill. I learned from the best! Thank You Dr. Frank!

Edward Gillette

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences is the most informative School I have attended. I went in taking the class just to be a little more informed in nutrition and holistic health. Dr. Frank teaches with great clarity. His emphasis on the importance of nutrition made me realize this is what I should be doing for a living. What you pay in tuition doesn't stop when you are through with the classes. He guides you every step of the way. Dr. Frank gives you everything you need including the confidence in yourself to become a Nutritionist. He is professional and honest. I appreciate and love the fact that he RETURNS every phone call with questions I may have regarding health and nutrition!

Cindy Mobus

The school is reasonably priced and I like the personal interest and emphasis on skills and techniques I will use in the real world. Dr. Frank wants to make sure that his students have learned, and, are able to apply, everything that is taught. In my classes, I have met allot of very nice people. Some of them will become my life-long friends. Doc always keeps the classes fun and flexible. The 650 hour massage course becomes a breeze. On clinic days, we get so much practice on techniques we learned during the week. It's a great training program!

Eridania Nygard

I had been thinking about getting my nutritional certification for a number of years, but all the programs offered just weren’t conducive to my current lifestyle – family and a full time job! Then one of my daughters found Dr. Frank and the Natural Academy of Health Sciences. It was exactly what I needed. The curriculum was thorough, the price affordable, and the hours fit right into my busy schedule. Dr. Frank makes himself accessible to his students so nothing was too difficult or attainable at any time. Class sessions were informative and interesting, and I found myself looking forward to spending the day learning.

Lori Sotnick

Not only will students learn valuable information in this course but you will enjoy and have fun in class with Dr. Frank Auriemma. He teaches real therapeutic massage training with emphasis to utilize your full body to give a powerful deep tissue massage and avoid any common injuries to yourself. You will learn all of the important techniques that you will utilize in a real world setting. There is much effective "hands on" instruction given in class and students will actually practice and perfect the techniques that are learned, thereby gaining confidence in their abilities. The price cannot be beat! I highly recommend this course if you would like a rewarding career as a massage therapist.

John Class

Being a full-time mom and housewife for a long time, I decided to go back to school and do what I like. After searching for a school to attend for massage therapy, I finally decided to take classes at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. It was the best decision I could have made. I really like the environment. Dr. Frank is a tremendous teacher. He is very professional and very patient. I am very happy I chose this school.

Regina Quintans

What do colostrum, hydrogen peroxide therapy, Sigmund Freud, and branched chain amino acids have in common? They are all part of a varied and interesting curriculum covering both the fundamental and advanced aspects of holistic nutrition which The Academy of Natural Health Sciences offers. If you’re looking for a personalized nutritional education, Dr. Frank’s Academy may be your perfect fit. Guided study through an intensive program involving text, research papers, and testing will facilitate your learning experience. I highly recommend Dr. Frank’s course as it has helped me in my nutritional consulting practice.

Larry Sotnick

I searched for months for a massage therapy course that was affordable and convenient. I really needed to find a school that wouldn’t interfere with my schedule. The Academy of Natural Health Sciences had the perfect program with convenient evening and weekend classes. I was able to complete the massage therapy program in eight months. Dr. Frank is a phenomenal instructor. He takes the time to make sure that each student has a thorough understanding of each technique. With job placement assistance and continuing education, this school is the best. Thanks Dr. Frank for being such an awesome instructor.

Jackie Alder

Academy of Natural Health Sciences testimonial

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences is the best school I could have picked. After taking a couple of massage classes at college for fun, I knew it was what I wanted to do. I looked at 9 different schools, including 2 really well known schools but they did not have what I was looking for. They did not care about their students the way the ANHS does. Dr. Frank and Pat really went out of their way to help me with some of the concerns I had when I first began practicing in a physical therapy office. I enjoyed my time at ANHS more than my 5 years at college and I left a lot more prepared and confident. Thank you Dr. Frank.

Betsy Crespo

Academy of Natural Health Sciences testimonial

The Academy’s Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health program was an absolutely fascinating study. There are so many ins and outs to this profession that I never would have been able to fathom it all on my own. I have taken other training programs but none has been as detailed or informative as Dr. Frank’s course. I am glad I chose to train with someone who has been both doing nutritional counseling and teaching it for such a long time. This program contains everything I needed to know to be a professional. It has given me the confidence I never would have had. I also like how Dr. Frank gives me continual support with my clients.

Diana Tront

Academy of Natural Health Sciences testimonial

I am very pleased to write a positive review of the school, as I have completed the 8 month Massage and Bodywork course. I found the course to be extremely rewarding and very informative. The Dr. presents the information in an excellent way which enables everyone to be able to learn easily and successfully. Once I started the class, I knew it would be a good fit because the atmosphere is comfortable and the Dr. really makes you feel at home which creates a great learning environment. I would recommend this school and/or course to anyone that is interested because it was an overall great experience.

Mallory Kane

Academy of Natural Health Sciences testimonial

I am incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Frank and his Clinical Nutrition program at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. The name says it all. Dr. Frank bases everything he teaches on what has been proven by science. I loved that I had the option to attend class in person. The schedule is very convenient, even for a working mom like me. The work is intense but if you want to be the best in your field, that's what is necessary. Dr. Frank will be there to support his students every step of the way. Thank you Dr. Frank for providing me with the tools I need for my amazing career.

Debra Dayton

Energy Therapy Massage

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences (ANHS) massage therapy program became my first choice, after interviewing with several other (MT) schools. Aside from offering Medical, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Swedish Massage modalities, Dr. Frank is a thorough and meticulous instructor who patiently guides each-and-every student through lecture and practicum with confidence and assurance. Dr. Frank is committed to ensuring the professional success of every student. I look forward to attending continuing education (CEU’s) classes.

Rochelle Brunson, BSW, CSW, MPA, LMT

Massage Online Continuing Education

I have recently finished my class time with Dr. Frank at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences, studying Clinical Nutrition. I do not live in New Jersey…I drove three hours both to and from the Academy throughout my training, and I can tell you that it was not easy. I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t feel this was the best program for me… I feel the course has given me a very practical template in which to start my own practice as a Clinical Nutritionist…What I really appreciate about this program is that Dr. Frank makes himself very available to his graduates regarding professional support and access to professional supplies...Where else could you go to become a Nutritionist and have continuing access and support from a Naturopathic Doctor? Very good value and quality, if you ask me.

Barbara Baughman

Massage Therapist Training NYC

The Academy of Natural Health and Science school with Dr. Frank, was the best decision and more than rewarding. I was going through war in my mind if I should change my occupation from pre K Teaching to massage therapist, well I couldn't be any more happier that I did!!!! Dr. Frank is an amazing Teacher, he teaches, leads, and guides his students with excellent skills, in my opinion the best. He makes sure all of his students learn and master the skills and techniques of becoming a massage therapist, and offers a unique combination of different types of massages at an unbeatable price. I did my research and its the most affordable. He has helped my dreams come true. He makes learning interesting and fun!!!!

Kesha Figueroa

Holistic Massage Schools

I have been working as a personal trainer for about four years, and working in this field made me realize how important a nutrition background is in helping my clients reach their goals…But, after looking into going back to school for dietetics, I quickly decided that was not the route for me… I happened upon the ANHS and contacted one of the former students who lived near me…She convinced me that this was the best bet for my nutrition education…I am happy with the knowledge and materials I have taken away from the class and I would recommend Dr. Frank's nutrition program to anyone who is looking for a thorough course covering real life material you will need to help your nutrition clients.

Lauren Cascio

Pet Nutrition Certification

I have researched massage schools and pricing, this school Academy of Natural Health Sciences falls into a very affordable alternative to same of higher priced school. I would highly recommend this school for anyone that chooses to take classes in this field of study. I am very happy about all the knowledge and practice that I learned from Dr. Frank. The class sizes were small enough, that you are able to receive individual attention. Any time you have a question, you know it will be answered quickly. Dr. Frank is an awesome teacher. He has a lot of passion in his teaching. I am very lucky to have had the рleasure to study under Dr. Frank. I would highly recommend anyone taking this or any of his classes. AWESOME School. THANK you Dr. Frank.

Solmaz Pirkurban

Animal Nutrition Online Courses

I am currently enrolled at the Academy of Natural Science finishing up with the Nutrition and Alternative Medicine course. I have to say it was convenient with my busy schedule and economic situation. As an educator of Health and Physical Education and Head Coach of Track and Field, I found the course to be very challenging, but very fulfilling as well. Dr. Frank is amazing, he provided us with tools to be successful now and later. His open door policy is very helpful. The challenge made me a better teacher and coach. I am so excited and confident about my next adventure as a nutritionist. If you are eager to be challenged, to help yourself and others, then this is the course for you. Thanks Dr. Frank

Bryan Williams

Continuing Ed Massage

I am very pleased with the experience I had at this school. I have just completed the eight month Massage and Bodywork Therapy course. Dr. Frank made himself accessible to his students, which made things much easier and not too difficult. Attending Academy of Natural Health Sciences has been the best decision I have ever made for myself and my career as a massage therapist and a physical therapy assistant. I have learned all necessary techniques to find a job as massage therapist or open my own business. I am very lucky that I found this school. Thank You Dr. Frank.

Anna Kopec

Equine Massage Certification Online

I am a current nutrition student and I'm really enjoying the program at The Academy of Natural Health Sciences. Before attending the nutrition program I took the opportunity to meet with Dr. Frank and look through the curriculum binders. I knew what this program had to offer before I committed to attending. I suggest you do the same thing. Here is a little bit about my experience. I appreciate the fact that we have looked at therapeutic topics like heart health, diabetes, weight- loss, digestive wellness and cancer, etc. The Academy is a great school and very clean and a well-kept place. Dr. Frank is a wonderful teacher. He is very helpful, and prompt in returning emails. I enjoyed his lectures. He's knowledgeable and explains things well. I hope that this information is helpful. I highly recommend this class.

Harpreet Kaur

Detoxification Specialist Certification

Best educational experience of my life!! I must say that as a graduate of this school, this was some of the best educational experiences I've ever had. Top-notch instructor, well-rounded curriculum and a life changing experience. I loved being a student and miss not being there. Dr. Frank Auriemma is a dedicated massage therapy teacher, and a serious, focused individual who made my time there the best educational experience of my life. I will highly recommend this school - affordable tuition fee, quality of education, good location, small classes, supportive and knowledgeable instructor.

Erick Arenivar

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