50 Hour - 3 week course

Shiatsu Massage Training Course

Shiatsu is the Japanese art of applying pressure to the musculature using the hands, fingers, forearms and elbows. Shiatsu is a deep tissue style of massage that relaxes and balances the fourteen energy meridians of the body, relieving stress and muscular discomfort. It is enjoyed by people who prefer a "deep tissue" type of massage.

In our 50-Hour Shiatsu Certification Program, the student learns the Eastern and Western concepts of anatomy, physiology, pathology, muscle treatment, meridian treatment, stretching, full-body Shiatsu routine, ethics and business practices. The Academy Shiatsu school teaches both the table-top style, and floor work of Shiatsu, making it easier for anyone to perform and avoiding the excessive strain most therapists would experience with the traditional floor method.

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Shiatsu Massage Training Course Certification

This Shiatsu training is available to students who wish to continue their education in the field, or, to new students who would like to study one modality at a time. Our Shiatsu massage training follows the Massage & Bodywork Therapy - 650 Hour Program, Night Class training schedule. Students can apply their in-class Shiatsu massage training hours toward the Academy’s 650 Hour Massage & Bodywork Therapy Program.


Tuition = $575.00; Down payment = $300.00; Balance due = $275.00
Balance paid in full at the start of the course.

Tuition includes books and materials, application and registration fees. The Academy does not charge interest to students who choose our payment plans. We also accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover Card.
Applicants who are unemployed can contact their local unemployment office to inquire about
tuition assistance from various New Jersey agencies.


Please see the Events page for starting dates.

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