We Accept Students From Every State and Every Country in the World

Who trains at the Academy?

Professionals that have been in their field for many years. Many of our instructors have helped to design the programs you will be learning. People like you who want a new, full or part time career; and, health or beauty practitioners who want to offer their clients new services and would like an opportunity to enhance their skills and income. A college, high school or G.E.D. certificate is all you need to get started.

Are the Academy’s programs difficult to learn?

The Academy’s programs are the most complete programs in the field of holistic health. Our training is structured to allow even the busiest person to learn quickly and to have 100% confidence when it comes time to take tests. A full 95% of the Academy’s students are “A” students. Our courses and learning aids are designed for you to succeed.

What is Home-Study Learning?

For our Home-Study programs, we will send you a book list for your program. You can buy your books from or most book sellers. We then send you a list of test questions, based on the first chapter of the first book. The student first reads the chapter, then goes back and answers the questions.

Once all the book’s questions are completed, the student sends the test questions to their teacher, via e-mail, who grades it, answers any questions and sends the grade to the student. Our home-study students say they really learn a lot and that doing it this way is both fun and easy. There are no classroom attendance requirements. Our home-study programs do not include internet classes, lectures or DVD’s. However, we use how-to videos for our Fragrance Consultant & Aromatherapy programs.

What kind of income is possible?

Massage Therapy - The average self-employed massage therapist, according to the American Massage Therapy Association, sees an average of 6-10 clients per week and can earn $60.00-$100.00 per session. A massage session usually lasts an hour. Many practitioners offer half hour massages for $40.00. When you work for someone else, the fee split may be 50/50 or 60/40 in the therapists favor. Tips can range from zero to 20% and are always retained by the therapist. Fees can be higher or lower depending on your area.

Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Health® - The average self-employed nutritionists may earn $80.00 - $200.00 per consultation. A consultation usually lasts an hour. Nutritionist may also earn extra income through the sale of nutritional supplements. When you work for someone else, your income depends on the employment arrangement. Some employers prefer to pay an hourly rate and some prefer to pay by the day.

A Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, Chair Energy Therapy®, Master Herbalist, Clinical Aromatherapist®, Aesthetic Aromatherapist®, Fragrance Consultant®, Supplement Consultant®, Homeopathic Educator®, Sports Nutrition Specialist®, Weight-Loss Specialist®, Detoxification Specialist®, Clinical Pet Nutritionist®,
Pet Master Herbalist®, Pet Homeopathic Educator®, Pet Aromatherapy Educator®, Clinical Equine Nutritionist®, Anti-Aging Specialist®, Cognitive Health Specialist® or Certified Horticulture Specialist® may earn a part-time income ($60.00 - $200.00 per session, depending on the modality and practice location) doing something they love. Though there are always exceptions, expecting to earn a full-time living may not be a practical goal. Certification in any of these modalities can also make a great addition to a massage, nutrition, health & beauty, chiropractic, holistic health, personal trainer, medical or pet oriented practice.

Remember, your income will depend on how much you want to work. Some people only want to supplement their income with a few hours per week. Others are full-time dynamos. Still others, work both for themselves and for other people.

After I graduate, how do I get started?

Some graduates start their career right from their home. Some get together with other massage therapists, nutritionists, etc., and share office space. Some rent office space or work for holistic health centers, chiropractors, health spas, etc. Some practice in a medical, chiropractic, health club or other office for a daily or hourly wage. Some massage therapists and nutritionists specialize in going to clients’ homes to deliver holistic health services. We even have graduates who specialize in home parties. Your options are only limited by your own level of desire and imagination.

Is licensing required in New Jersey?

Massage Therapy - A license is needed in NJ to practice massage. Licensing candidates must graduate from a NJ Department of Education approved vocational school offering a minimum of 500 hours of in-class training. The Academy’s 650 hour program exceeds this requirement. Reflexology, Reiki, Table-Top Yoga® and Chair Energy Therapy® practitioners will not be required to have a license to practice in New Jersey.

Nutritional Counseling - The practice of nutrition counseling is regulated by the State of New Jersey. However, the Academy's graduates can practice holistic health counseling in NJ State. The Academy’s Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Health Program® training prepares a student to work in private practice or other health & wellness venues except for hospitals and other institutions that require the food-service and preparation expertise of a Dietician.

Master Herbalist, Clinical Aromatherapist®, Aesthetic Aromatherapist®, Sports Nutrition Specialist®, Weight-Loss Specialist®, Detoxification Specialist®, Fragrance Consultant®, Supplement Consultant®, Clinical Pet Nutritionist® or Equine Nutrition Specialist® - These individual modalities are not regulated by the State of New Jersey.

What about the laws in the State, Jurisdiction or Country I live in?

Students who plan on practicing holistic health modalities in any State (or) outside of the United States, should contact that jurisdiction's Division of Consumer Affairs, Nursing Board, Medical Board or Legislative Office to find out if there are any mandatory licensing requirements. It is the student's responsibility to research the laws within the jurisdiction(s) they choose to practice for any licensing requirements or other restrictions.


Please contact us if you have any questions you need answered. We are very glad to do anything we can to help you succeed.

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