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Chair Massage Therapist

On-Site Massage is the ultimate mobile massage. All you need is you, a massage chair and just about any location you can think of. You can do office massage or home massage. Your out-call massage business can specialize in sporting events, parties, company lunch hours or almost anywhere groups of people gather.

On-Site Massage is growing in popularity with busy people who don't want to do the hour-long, traditional Swedish massage therapy session. On-Site Massage gives people the opportunity for a feel-good massage right in the middle of their fast-paced, stressed out day.

With On-Site Massage, you can be where your clients are. There is no need for appointments. Your client sits fully clothed in a comfortable, portable massage chair. You incorporate On-Site Massage techniques specifically developed for chair massage. You lean into your client's musculature, allowing your body weight and leverage to do the work for you. You hardly break a sweat, and yet, your client is as relaxed and pampered as he would be with Swedish or any other type of massage.

On-Site Massage is more affordable too. A chair massage therapist charges $1.00 per minute. Your clients can choose how long they would like to be massaged. Blocks of time are usually offered in 10 minute increments. So, your client can enjoy a 10 minute massage, an hour massage or anywhere in between.

If you're interested in learning On-Site Massage, please consider the Academy's Chair Massage Program.

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