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The Academy has one of the best-certified nutrition professional studies available. We teach you how to be a nutritionist with the most complete nutrition education of its kind. Our holistic nutrition professional studies set us apart from what other nutrition schools are offering. We offer a combination of theory and real-life, practical application training that can make you a highly competent nutritionist. We invite you to compare our certification (accepted by the holistic nutrition credentialing board) to one of your favorite University Master of Science in holistic nutrition degree program options.

The Academy’s 500 Hour Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health® (CL.N.®) Certification Program is designed to teach you the theory and practical application of clinical nutrition, community health, and holistic nutrition principles that can help anyone achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness, and peak performance. Our holistic nutrition courses are concise, well-rounded, easy to learn, and full of insights and practical guidelines that will give you the expert knowledge you seek.

If you compare certifications in holistic nutrition with our professional, clinical, and holistic nutrition training, you will see a big difference in the other programs that cover the same holistic nutrition studies. Our holistic nutrition consultant program is designed to prepare you to work in your own private practice, wellness centers, healthcare offices, integrative health food stores, gyms, and spas. Our course provides our students with knowledge that broadens their scope of practice far above the limitations of any health coaching educational training.

Our holistic nutrition consultant program is taught by one of our experienced, integrative health and wellness naturopathic doctor/clinical nutritionist lecturers with over forty years of both teaching and practical experience. We invite you to compare our certification (that adheres to the scope of practice and code of ethics set by the NANP) to any University integrative health and wellness holistic nutrition degree training.

This is an "online program" meaning you will need to have basic computer skills, and equipment. Note that some programs to not work well on mobile devices, so we recommend having a computer accessible. We currently use Google classroom, and will are in the process of transitioning to a fully online format by the end of 2024.


Basic Nutrition - This holistic nutrition wellness certification program is accepted through the national association of nutrition professionals (NANP) and teaches the student about the basics of biology, the fundamental forty nutrients, digestion, super and whole foods, meal planning, vegetarianism, pregnancy nutrition, holistic nutrition, whole foods allergies, whole foods additives, whole foods safety, energy metabolism, food values, food enzymes, genetics, aging, nutritional deficiencies, specialized diets, amino acids, community and individual health, and many other concepts and relevant information that is crucial to understanding the science of the human-machine, its fuel, and its environment. All of these studies are evidence-based and proven to offer whole food and whole-person healing.

Advanced Nutrition - The student takes a more clinical look at evidence-based physiology and the role of mineral nutrition and body chemistry on health; individual amino acids and their role as natural therapeutics; and, enzyme therapy for digestion metabolic therapy and treatment. This nutrition class teaches the importance of the basic whole person and whole body concepts that are needed in the daily workings of all nutritionists.

Herbs & Mushrooms - This holistic nutrition and wellness course covers the evidence-based chemistry, preparation, and action of herbs as well as the most common and effective herbal food protocols, herbal contraindications, and the traditional use of North American and European herbs for achieving and maintaining good health. The student also learns the modern uses of mushroom food products; which mushrooms are most powerful for maintaining integrative health and wellness, as well as how to safely and effectively apply those mushrooms to help stimulate the body's healing processes.

Homeopathy - We teach the use of homeopathic remedies as an aid to regaining and maintaining health and wellness. The student will become well versed in basic homeopathy health in order to teach clients how to promote their own health and wellness themselves with homeopathy's long-held healing tradition. This is essential knowledge that all nutrition professionals should understand.

Nutrition & Immunity - The student learns the anatomy and physiology that governs the immune system as well as the foods, diets, supplements, and lifestyle habits that can be used to boost the body’s health. This builds the body's natural ability to fight diseases from the common cold to cancer. This is a crucial study for any certification in health and nutrition.

Anatomy & Physiology for Nutritionists - Holistic nutrition concepts affect all 10 systems of the body. Your A&P course does not have to be done all at once like our other courses. A&P book chapters can be done and submitted one at a time throughout your training. This helps the student to avoid boredom and to continue learning what they really like in hopes of becoming nutrition professionals.

Detoxification & Gastrointestinal Health - Your board-certified studies to become certified in holistic nutrition as nutrition professionals continue with a comprehensive look at the digestive system that includes abnormal pathogens, parasitology, ecology, stool analysis, cleansing diets, fasting, fiber, and nutritional supplementation designed to detoxify and care for the body at the cellular, organ, glandular and intestinal levels.

Weight-Loss Systems - This nutrition course covers the most effective techniques and programs for weight-loss and weight management including metabolic evaluation, dietary weight-loss methods, nutritional weight-loss aids, and psychological motivation. It's important to understand these concepts to ensure that health isn't being sacrificed to promote weight loss. It's important to understand that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. Learning many different approaches to weight loss will help to ensure the success of your clients and greatly contribute to community health.

Nutrition & Chronic Diseases - The nutritionist student learns about the most prevalent disorders of ill health and how to educate their clients/community in the use of individualized food diet programs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, detoxification, homeopathy, holistic nutrition, and other natural method programs. You will teach the client how to maximize the body’s own healing potential, balance the body’s biological processes and return the body and mind to their natural state of good health. Another "must-have" for any board certification in nutrition.

Sports Nutrition - The special nutritional needs and performance programs for the athlete are taught to ensure the health of the client. From diet programs and nutritional sports supplements to anabolic steroids and ergogenic aids, the nutritionist student discovers how to optimize an athlete’s performance potential and to stimulate growth and repair of the muscular, nervous, and energy systems.

Nutritional Supplements - This holistic nutrition class teaches you about nutritional supplements and nutritional concepts surrounding the safe and effective use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, co-factor nutrients, accessory nutrients, and glandular products. This course also covers various diseases and conditions. Learn how to educate your clients and your community to help themselves through the use of nutritional supplements.

Medications, Nutrient Interactions & Depletions - A very necessary holistic nutrition certification study into how nutrients and medications may interact with each other and how to avoid the nutrient depletions that can occur with the use of medications. This course illustrates the foods, vitamins, and herbs that have the potential to interfere with medications; and, the nutrients and herbs that have the potential to enhance a medication's effectiveness and decrease side effects.

Fitness and Exercise - This holistic nutrition class teaches about exercise and the importance of staying active. There are things about fitness and exercise that are not common knowledge, which is backed up by research. A comprehensive study that includes research showing exercise and fitness as a healer, the cardiovascular effects of exercise, exercising for strength, stretching, exercise and nutrition, and dietary supplements. Learn the techniques that can help anyone to stay fit.

Stress Management - The nutritionist student learns the basic concepts of psychological stress and how to help minimize the impact of stress on their client's health. Real-world suggestions and techniques to help your client reduce personal stress, work stress, and overcome the mental roadblocks to good health. This is an important training that is often overlooked in many certifications in holistic nutrition.

Nutritional & Health Assessments - This course teaches the nutritionist student to assess a person’s nutritional and holistic health status through the interpretation of questionnaires, lifestyle analysis, medical doctor diagnosis, family health history, clinical signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies, and stress evaluation. This provides super-important education that aids in making this course incredibly beneficial.

Clinical Assessment - A comprehensive clinical study of the nutritional interpretation of blood work. The nutritionist student learns about the standard medical blood tests performed by every medical doctor, what they mean and how to apply nutritional concepts that can improve blood values and bring the client closer to a healthy balance.

Health Program Formulation - In this holistic nutrition certification course, the nutritionist student is taught step by step, how to put together a nutrition and lifestyle program based on their assessment findings. The client will leave your office knowing exactly what dietary regimen they should focus on; what foods to concentrate on and what foods to avoid; what nutritional supplements they may need to take; what kind of exercise to do and which stress reduction strategies they are best suited for. This holistic nutrition education course is the one that "brings it all together". Without this education study, you're just a person who knows a lot about nutritional theory, but, has no idea how to help people with natural therapies.

Counseling Practicum - For this part of your online nutrition program, the student is required to ten nutritional and holistic health counseling sessions with family and friends. All methods of assessment are utilized and students learn how to formulate holistic health programs for each case study.

Business & Jurisprudence - The student learns about professional nutritional products and the business of holistic nutrition and holistic health counseling, including professional liability insurance, consent forms, the scope of practice, code of ethics, and other legal and practical concepts that govern the practice of scientific and effective clinical, holistic nutrition and holistic health counseling. This holistic nutrition and education study prepares you to be a certified nutrition professional in a whole host of ways not offered by other certifications in nutrition.

Teaching and Evaluation Methods - Our holistic nutrition education is a very thorough training and a very easy learning process. As in all of our Online, Home-Study Programs, the student communicates with his or her teacher by e-mail. The student is sent a series of testing materials and assignments that may be completed and returned to the Academy for grading by our expert instructors. There is no time limit on the completion of your individual holistic nutrition courses. Students can work at their own pace and our instructors are always here to help.

Upon successful completion of our online nutrition program,
the student will be awarded the Academy’s 500-Hour,
Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Health® (CL.N.®) Certificate.

Professional Nutritional Products

One of the biggest nutritional products distributors in the United States provides the Academy's Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health® online nutrition school graduates with access to their huge selection of high-quality, professional, holistic nutrition and herbal products. Nutrition certification graduates can purchase products (from many different manufacturers) at "wholesale" prices, just like a health food store.

What's more, there are no minimum orders and they will "drop-ship" products directly to your clients, saving you the expense of keeping a product inventory. This is a great way to ensure that your clients are using high-quality products that meet with your approval and a great way to earn extra income as certified nutrition professional. Our nutrition school is proud to offer this professional optimal health care privilege to our graduates. These privileges will help to ensure a successful practice and are not offered by other nutrition schools.

Field Supervision - Online Nutrition education graduates can contact their instructor(s) any time after graduation, for advice and support for their clients and their nutrition consultation practice.

Professional Resources - Access to Herbal Gram Journal, Botanical Medicine Info., Health Conditions Info., Nutritional Supplements Info., Drug Depletions and Interactions, Health Concerns Handouts, Herbal Remedy Handouts, Vitamin Guide and Review, Holistic Nutrition News Letter, Women's Health Issues Info., Clinical Research Abstracts, Webinars, etc. Another professional benefit not offered in other online certifications in nutrition.


Tuition = $3,095.00; Down payment = $500.00; Balance due = $2,595.00; Balance paid in 10 monthly payments of $259.50.

Approximate cost of text books and materials (not included):

New = $400.00

The Academy's online nutrition school does not charge interest to students who choose our payment plans. We also accept Visa, Master Card, Amex Card, Discover Card. Applicants from NJ who are unemployed can contact their local unemployment office to inquire about tuition assistance from NJ State.

(We invite you to compare our tuition to your favorite University online nutrition degree.)

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Upon acceptance of your application (we will contact you by e-mail), all home-study applicants must send a copy of their High School, G.E.D., Vocational School or College diploma (your school transcript is also acceptable) in order to meet New Jersey's vocational school entrance requirements. When we have received all pertinent paperwork, we will send you your enrollment forms.

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