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500 Hour (Classroom) Program

Our Nutrition Classroom Training is also approved by the
NJ State Approving Agency for Veterans Training

The Academy has one of the best holistic nutrition programs in the country. We teach you how to be a nutritionist with the most complete nutrition education of its kind. Your holistic nutrition certification will
set you apart from what other schools for nutrition are offering. We offer a combination of theory and real-life, practical application training that can make you a highly competent nutritionist..

The Academy’s 500 Hour (Classroom) Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Health® (CL.N.®) Certification Program is designed to teach you the theory and practical application of clinical nutrition, natural health and holistic nutrition school principles that can help anyone achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness and peak performance. Our holistic nutrition school program is concise, well rounded, easy to learn and full of insights and practical guidelines that will give you the expert knowledge you seek.

This professional clinical and holistic nutrition school training is designed to prepare you to work in your own private practice, wellness centers, healthcare offices, health food stores, gyms, spas or in any non-hospital, non-institutional setting.

Our 10 month, holistic nutrition school program is taught in 17 seminars held twice monthly on Sundays. Most seminars are from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm providing 9 instructional hours per day. Students seeking nutrition certification must complete all 17 seminars, competency tests and report papers.
Hours are accumulated through class participation and homework studies.

What you will learn and do in 17 seminars:

-Basic Nutrition I & II

- ​Advanced Nutrition

​- Herbs & Mushrooms

​- Homeopathy

​- Nutrition & Immunity

​- Detoxification

​- Weight-Loss Systems

​- Nutrition & Chronic Diseases

- Sports Nutrition

​- Fitness and Exercise

- Healing Psychology

​- Health Assessments I

​- Health Assessments II

- ​Clinical Assessments

- Counseling Practicum

​- Business Practicum



Basic Nutrition I & II- This course teaches the student about the basics of biology, the fundamental forty nutrients, digestion, super foods, meal planning, vegetarianism, holistic nutrition, macrobiotics, food additives, food safety, juicing and many other concepts and relevant information that is crucial to the understanding of the human machine, its fuel and its environment.

Advanced Nutrition - The student takes a more clinical look at physiology, energy metabolism, food values, enzymes, genetics, aging, pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies, specialized diets, amino acids, metabolic tests and other concepts concerned with the direct effect of holistic nutrition on health.

Herbs & Mushrooms -This course covers the chemistry, preparation and action of herbs as well as the most common and effective herbal protocols, herbal contraindications and the traditional use of American and European herbs for achieving and maintaining good health. The student also learns the modern uses of mushroom products; which mushrooms are most powerful for maintaining health and how to safely and effectively apply those mushrooms to help stimulate the body's healing processes.

Homeopathy - The use of homeopathic remedies as an aid to regaining health is taught. The student will become well versed in basic homeopathy in order to teach clients how to help themselves with homeopathy's long-held healing tradition.

Nutrition & Immunity - The student learns the anatomy and physiology that governs the immune system as well as the foods, diets, supplements and lifestyle habits that have been shown to boost the body’s natural ability to fight diseases from the common cold to HIV/AIDS and cancer.

Detoxification - A comprehensive study of the large intestine that includes abnormal pathogens, parapsychology, ecology, stool analysis, cleansing diets, fasting, fiber and nutritional supplementation designed to detoxify the body at the cellular, organ, glandular and intestinal levels.

Weight-Loss Systems - This course covers the most effective techniques for weight-loss and weight management including metabolic evaluation, dietary weight-loss methods, nutritional weight-loss aids and psychological motivation.

Nutrition & Chronic Diseases - The student learns about the most prevalent disorders of health and how to use individualized diets, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, homeopathy, detoxification, holistic nutrition and other natural methods to help maximize the body’s own healing potential, balance the body’s biological processes and return the body and mind to their natural state of good health.

Sports Nutrition - The special nutritional needs of the athlete are taught. From diet and nutritional sports supplements to anabolic steroids and ergogenic aids, the student discovers how to optimize an athlete’s performance potential and to stimulate growth and repair of the muscular, nervous and energy systems.

Fitness and Exercise - A comprehensive study of the anatomy and physiology of the muscular system, cardiovascular fitness, fitness testing, aerobics, stretching, weight training and other skills needed to design and administer a personal fitness program.

Healing Psychology - The student learns the basic concepts of Freudian and Jungian psychological theory as it applies to spirituality, mental health, mental illness, the psychological reasons for ill health and how to help clients overcome the mental road blocks to good health.

Health Assessments I - This course teaches the student to assess a person’s nutritional and holistic health status through the interpretation of questionnaires, lifestyle analysis, family health history and clinical signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.

Health Assessments II – The student continues their health assessments protocol with kinesiology muscle testing. By utilizing the client’s muscle system, nervous system and acupuncture meridians, the student learns how to assess nutritional deficiencies using this quick, easy, non-invasive technology.

Clinical Assessments - A comprehensive clinical study of the nutritional interpretation of blood, urine, hair, saliva and stool. Standard as well as specialty nutritional and biological lab testing is covered.

Counseling Practicum - Students are required to do a number of nutritional and holistic health counseling sessions with family and friends and engage in class discussions. All methods of assessment are utilized and students learn how to formulate protocols for each case study.

Business Practicum - The student learns about professional nutritional products and the business of holistic nutrition and holistic health counseling, including: professional liability insurance, consent forms, scope of practice, code of ethics and other practical concepts that govern the practice of scientific, effective and professional clinical, holistic nutrition and holistic health counseling.

Teaching and Evaluation Methods - The student is supplied with materials for each course. A study guide for each course is also provided to the student that highlights the important information the student will be tested on. Written and hands-on tests are used to gauge the student's mastery of all subject matter and practical skills.

Professional Nutritional Products

One of the biggest nutritional products distributors in the United States provides the Academy's Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Health® nutrition school graduates with access to their huge selection of high quality, professional, holistic nutrition and herbal products. Graduates can purchase products (from many different manufacturers) at "wholesale" prices, just like a health food store. What's more, there are no minimum orders and they will "drop-ship" products directly to your clients, saving you the expense of keeping a product inventory. This is a great way to insure that your clients are using high quality products that meet with your approval and a great way to earn extra income as a nutrition professional.

Field Support - Nutrition school graduates can contact their instructor(s) any time after graduation, for advice and support for their client’s and their nutrition consultation practice.

Professional Resources - Access to: Herbal Gram Journal, Botanical Medicine Info., Health Conditions Info., Nutritional Supplements Info., Drug Depletions and Interactions, Health Concerns Handouts, Herbal Remedy Handouts, Vitamin Guide and Review, Holistic Nutrition News Letter, Women's Health Issues Info., Clinical Research Abstracts, Webinars, etc.


Tuition = $3,995.00; Down payment = $575.00; Balance due = $3,420.00;
Balance paid in 8 monthly payments of $427.50.

Tuition includes:
Books and materials, application and registration fees.

The Academy's nutrition school does not charge interest to students who choose our payment plans. We also accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover Card. Applicants who are unemployed can contact their local unemployment office to inquire about
tuition assistance from various New Jersey agencies.


September Program 2021 (17 Seminar Dates):

9/12/21, 9/26, 10/17, 11/7, 12/5, 1/9/22, 1/30, 2/13
2/27, 3/20, 4/3, 4/24, 5/15, 6/5, 6/26, 7/17, 7/31

Our Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Health® (CL.N.®)
holistic nutrition school graduates are eligible
for additional certification by the:

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