Train to be a
Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Choosing a Massage School in New Jersey can be difficult.
The Academy of Natural Health Sciences may be your best choice.

You probably have questions like: Which curriculum is best? Where is the massage school located? How long will it take to complete the program? How much is the tuition?
Is there a payment plan, etc.? Sometimes the answers can be confusing.
And, some massage schools in NJ don’t make it any easier
with their high pressure sales tactics..

The Academy is not like other Massage School in New Jersey.

We are a vocational training school and have been Licensed by the
NJ Department of Education since 1991. Our curriculum surpasses NJ State
Licensing/Certification requirements, making our students fully eligible.
Our massage school teaches the four major and most important styles of
massage & bodywork therapy: Swedish Massage, Shiatsu,
Reflexology and Medical Massage.

Our practice clinics are not open to the public. Our massage school
doesn’t treat students the way most massage schools in New Jersey do.
Students practice on each other. Clinics are all-day learning and
practice sessions, not an excuse to generate
$35.00 an hour for the school.

Our 8 month, evening program fits most people’s busy schedules
and is a flexible way to train.

We are located in Middlesex County (Central NJ, USA). Our massage school is
very close to the NJ Transit Train Station and a stone’s through away from
most major highways and throughways in NJ.

The Academy’s tuition is a far cry from what most Massage School in New Jersey are
charging. Our massage therapy program tuition is only $3,995.00, and students
can take advantage of our no-interest payment plan.

Did you know that with the high-cost tuitions in many massage schools in New
Jersey, even students who are eligible for Federal Pell Grants are graduating
with anywhere from $4,000-$8,000.00 in debt?

If you’re looking for a Massage School in New Jersey that will give you great
training with an affordable tuition, please check out our
Massage & Bodywork Therapy Program today.

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