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Reiki Level I & II-
(2 day course- 6 hours each)

This course is open to all

Whether you just want to heal yourself and your loved ones, or you want to start your own energy healing practice, this course will teach you how to step into your purpose.
In this course you will learn:
- about the Subtle Bodies + Chakra system and how they can affect your overall health
- how to channel Universal Energy through your hands
- how to invoke healing energy through symbols and intention
- how to use subtle energy to clear blockages, and heal pain and trauma in the energy-body
- how to trust your intuition and use your natural psychic gifts to help heal others – even if you don’t think you have any

You do NOT need to take both, however, Level I is a prerequisite for Level II

Upcoming Dates:
Level 1- July 9, 2023 9a-4p
Level 2- October 15, 2023 9a-4p

Cost: Level1- $300, Level 2- $350 ($50 off for those that sign up for both courses)

Massage Techniques for Estheticians- (4 hours)

This course is for licensed Estheticians, Cosmetologists, and Nail technicians

Do you struggle with the what to do for your client while their mask treatment is setting? Learn the skills to offer your clients a better experience while in your chair or on your table. This course is focused on teaching massage techniques for the head, neck, face, scalp, arms, hands, and feet of your clients, from a Licensed Massage Therapist. Through in person demonstration, and hands on practice, you will gain knowledge in Swedish, and Shiatzu techniques that can be used during a facial skin care appointment, spa treatment, or other beauty protocols.

Limited enrollment

Upcoming Dates: Thursday, April 13, 2023 5p-9p ,
Wednesday August 16, 2023 10a-2p,
Sunday Sept 10, 2023 10a-2p
Cost: $70

Thai Yoga - (15 Hours)

This course is open to all

During this course you will learn authentic Thai Bodywork. In this course you will learn:
1. Understanding Thai Massage
2. Preparation for Thai Bodywork
3. Sen (energy lines)
4. Basic techniques for 30 & 60 minute treatment sessions

This 15 hour course will give you the basics for giving an authentic Thai Bodywork session. Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers can receive CU's for this course through NCBTMB. Yoga teachers can also receive CEU's for Yoga Alliance.

Licensed Massage Therapists will receive 15 CE credits

Upcoming Dates: April 1 & 2, 2023 9a-5p BOTH DAYS REQUIRED
Cost- $499

Cupping & Gua Sha - (1-2 days, 8-16 hours)
This course is open to all

This course covers all necessary aspects of dry cupping & Gua Sha safety, theory, application. This class is open to all, and does not require a license in NJ. This course has an option for just Day 1 or combo Day 2 for a discounted price.
You may not enroll in just Day 2.

There will be a theory, demonstration and practical components of this course where participants will perform cupping on one another to perfect proper technique and knowledge. This class will be taught by a renowned Renée Osborne, who is a Nurse, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, and Esthetician in Canada.

For LMTS, this course will earn 8 CEU credits per day

----->> Fee includes books needed for the course. And there is an option to purchase instructor recommended cups and jade tools!

Day 1 – Cupping & Gua Sha Level 1 (No prerequisite)

  • Foundations of cupping & Gua Sha – History, use, functions, purposes, types of cupping
  • Proper sanitation & care of tools & location for maintaining clean technique
  • Basic five element theory – specific acu-points for cupping, location and uses
  • Application & indications of stationary and moving/ massage cupping
  • Myofascial – Trigger points for every muscle (except abdominals)
  • Client evaluation & Contraindication

Day 2 – Cosmetic Cupping & Gua Sha (Cupping / Gua Sha Level 1 Prerequisite)

  • Facial, shoulder and neck massage
  • Application of cosmetic cupping & Gua Sha – face and body
  • Cellulite treatment/ reduction. Improving skin quality, color & tone
  • Treatments for particular conditions and problem areas
  • Weight loss, Body toning, lip enhancement & Breast enhancement

Dates: Monday June 5 & 6 2023 9a- 5p (both days)
Cost: $250- Day 1; $450- BOTH Day 1 & 2
Tool kit- $110 (optional)

Total Body Stretching - (6 hours)
This course is open to all
Online Massage Therapy Continuing Education Courses

This course is designed for health & wellness professionals, interested in learning more about assisted stretching. It is perfect for personal trainers, PT assistants, and massage therapists. We will explore various passive, and assisted-restricted stretches to help your clients on their path to better life. Proper stretching can help avoid injury to the athletic body, as well as recover from surgery or injury.
All stretches are performed while the client is fully clothed, allowing for deeper stretches, and easier practice.
Note: There is no license requirement in NJ, to provide stretching to clients.

Licensed Massage Therapists are eligible to receive 6 CE Credits

Upcoming Dates: TBD- Summer 2023
Cost: $100
Registration: TBD

Acupressure Therapy - (4 Hours)

This massage continuing education course teaches you acupressure, the art of acupuncture without needles. The therapist uses fingers and elbows to treat acupuncture points that relax the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, relieve stress and discomfort, and stimulate internal organs and glands. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese and Japanese modality that also stimulates the bodies meridians, energy pathways that help to keep us healthy.
This course will be taught by a Licensed Accupuncturist, giving it a different perspective for massage therapists.

Upcoming Dates: Saturday June 10th 9a-1p
Cost: $100
Class max: 10

MBLEX Prep Workshop

The workshop is open to all Massage Students that have graduated, or are close to graduation. During this one day workshop, we will spend time discuss testing tips and study techniques, to help you better tackle the exam. A majority of the class time is spent on the 3 most difficult subjects- Pathology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Kinesiology, using worksheets, study guides, and other materials. You will also receive a complete, 100 questions practice test, provided by FMSTB. All study materials will be shared with you, so you can continue to study from home. 

To date, we have a 80% pass rate for all students that have attended this workshop.

Please note, we are NOT teaching these subjects from scratch. Students should come in with previously taught knowledge of these subjects. We are simply addressing some helpful ways to remember things, explain additional details, and offer insight to subject matters that should have more attention. 

Upcoming Dates: 4/30/23, 7/23/23, 11/12/23 9:30-3:30p
Cost: $50 (FREE for Academy Alumni. Use coupon Code "ALUMNI" at check out)
Registration: Be sure to specify the date you want, in the comment section

The following CE Course are for Licensed Massage Therapists only. You must submit your license number when registering for the course.
All courses offering CE credit, are approved through AMTA, and count towards your state required continued education needs.

Trager & Somatic Mindfulness- 2 day (18 Hours)

Learn the theory and techniques to complement your massage treatments by reducing or eliminating the potential of massage therapist burnout and/or related injuries; preparing the client’s body for deep work with less strain; and developing, transmitting and sharing mindfulness in action. Somatic Mindfulness workshops (Fundamentals, Connection, Grounding, Expansion & Radiance) expose the massage therapist to tragerwork and mindfulness-based skills that potentiate their therapeutic efficacy. Application of the techniques stimulates the brain's neuroplasticity, introduces new neural sensory information, and activates positive neuromuscular changes in clients. Inherent to the method is support to the therapist's own self-care which ensures career longevity. In Connection the body's sense of interrelation is explored from handles around several body planes and angles. Each workshop is self-contained and there are no prerequisites to take each of the themes.

Fernando is a 2023 inductee at the World Massage Festival's Massage Therapy Hall of Fame; and is recognized as a Master Somatic Movement Therapist by The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).

18 CE Credits
LIMITED CLASS SIZE! Only 8 spaces available

Upcoming Dates: September 11- 12 2023 8:30a-5:30p
Cost: $360
Class capacity: 8

Chair Massage - (8 Hours)

Chair Massage Certification Course

Chair Massage is a fun and easy way to deliver massage therapy services. While fully clothed, your client sits in a specially designed, portable chair and receives a deep tissue massage that combines Shiatsu, Swedish, Acupressure and Sports Massage techniques. A chair massage can last from 10 minutes to 30 minutes or more. A chair massage therapist charges $1.00 per minute. This convenient form of massage allows you to offer your services in public venues, or, in your client’s home or office.

Please use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page, fill in the form and submit. Once we receive your form, we will send you paperwork to sign up for your course.

Hot Stone & Cold Spa Hydro-Therapies -
(8 Credits)

This course teaches you the safe and effective use of hot stones, cold stone, and Ice Massage techniques. Training includes hot stone therapeutic applications and contraindications, with both basalt and Himalayan Salt stones. We will also touch on ways to utilize cold stones to therapeutically work soft tissue. Ice massage techniques are perfect for reducing inflammation, and help repair for injury.

Please bring your own stones, if possible

Upcoming dates: TBD
Cost: $200
Class capacity: 10

Maternity/Post-Partum Massage - 2 day (16 Hours)

This 2 day class is for prenatal massage protocol as well as a intro to postpartum treatments and intro to lymphatic drainage techniques. 

Learn how to 

•effectively work problematic areas 

•reduce swelling/ fluid retention pre/post natal 

•comfortably position mommy to be, 

•do’s & don’ts pre/post natal. 

•Body mechanics for the therapist 

The class includes a pdf manual. 

Upcoming Dates: June 24-25, 2023 10a-5p
Cost: $400
Class capacity: 10

More Continuing Education Courses Coming Soon

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