Train to be a
Master Herbalist

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences' herbalist training teaches you
How to be an Herbalist. This is a very professional program designed for the
serious student who wants to become a Master Herbalist (M.H.).

There are many schools that can teach you How to be an Herbalist, but, none that is as professional, practical, extensive and economical as the Academy's herbalist training.

Our herbalist training is approved by the NJ Department of Education.

As a Master Herbalist (M.H.), you can earn up to $200.00 per consultation plus the sale of herbal products. You may work in your own private practice, wellness centers, healthcare offices, health food stores, gyms and spas.

Your teacher, Dr. Frank Auriemma, has been both practicing herbology and teaching people How to be an Herbalist for over 30 years. Because of his many years in practice, he is extremely well qualified to know exactly what should comprise good herbalist training and what should be left to the theorists.

Our Master Herbalist (M.H.) training program teaches you both the theory and practice of herbology (as any good herbalist training should) with a focus on the real-world application of herbs.

The student comes to understand that his/her client isn't living a pristine existence where diet and lifestyle are concerned, and that very many clients will also be taking prescription medications. Our herbalist training teaches you
How to be an Herbalist in these real-world situations.

Please consider the Academy's herbalist training and let us show you how to be an herbalist. If you're looking for a professional, Master Herbalist (M.H.) training program that is complete, and easy on your budget, please contact us today.

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