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Both our Clinical Aromatherapy course and our Aesthetic Aromatherapy
course teach you How to be an Aromatherapist and are Approved by the NJ Department of Education.

As a Clinical Aromatherapist® (CL.A.) or an Aesthetic Aromatherapist® (A.A.) you can earn up to $200.00 per consultation plus the sale of essential oils and beauty products. You may work in your own private practice, wellness centers, healthcare offices and spas.

Clinical Aromatherapy Course

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences' Clinical Aromatherapy Course is a very professional training and is not like other trainings out there. Our Clinical Aromatherapy course is as thorough as any of our other professional level courses.

We've designed an aromatherapy course that teaches you
How to be an Aromatherapist
and takes the practice of aromatherapy very
seriously. We expect that most of the students who want to take our
aromatherapy course are serious minded individuals who want to learn a great way to help people with nature.

Our Clinical Aromatherapy Course is a detailed training that will give you both the basic and advanced knowledge you need to be an effective aromatherapist. Please contact us today and get started on your training as a Clinical Aromatherapist®(CL.A.)

Aesthetic Aromatherapy Course

The Academy's Aesthetic Aromatherapy Course is a fun and easy training designed for both beauty enthusiasts and people who want to learn how to be an Aromatherapist. This training is also for people who want to add another holistic modality to their current profession.

This is the first aromatherapy course certification of it's kind that concentrates on the beauty aspects of aromatherapy. When you customize your aromatherapy products to your client's skin and hair types (and) scent them with your clients favorite fragrance, you will have a happy and loyal customer.

Our Aesthetic Aromatherapy Course teaches you how to be an Aromatherapist with the basic and advanced knowledge and techniques that can make your practice unique and different. Please contact us today and get started on your training as an Aesthetic Aromatherapist® (A.A.)

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