Train to be a

Weight-Loss Coach

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences' Weight-Loss Specialist® (W.L.S.®) training teaches you how to be a weight-loss coach. This is a very professional program designed for the serious student who wants to become a weight-loss coach.

If you like to stay in shape and would like to help people look and feel better, then a career as a weight-loss coach may be for you.

Our American obesity epidemic is not just a matter of "looks"; it's a matter of health. As a weight-loss coach, you can be an important addition to someone's health care team by addressing the cause of their high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and a host of other diseases and conditions that are caused by obesity.

As a weight-loss coach, you will have the knowledge and confidence to help people who feel they just can't do it alone. People who need someone to inspire them and keep them on the right track.

The Academy's Weight-Loss Specialist® (W.L.S.® ) program is the ultimate training program for anyone aspiring to be a weight-loss coach. We will teach you all the latest concepts in weight-loss science. You will learn how to properly evaluate a client in order to determine which diet, supplementation and exercise regimen is right for them.

Our Weight-Loss Specialist® program is everything you will need to be an expert weight-loss coach. You will also enjoy the benefits of free and unlimited field supervision and have access to cutting edge, wholesale weight-loss supplements. Learn from the experts who have many years of weight-loss coaching experience.

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