Train to be a

Sports Nutrition Specialist®

Sports nutrition is the fastest growing segment of the nutrition specialties. With so much research being done these days, sports nutrition has been elevated to a science.
A sports performance diet and proper sports nutrition supplementation, can be
very specific to an athlete's chosen activity. And with so many sports nutrition
supplements flooding the nutrition market, it can be difficult for an athlete
to choose the right diet and sports supplements. This is why taking the time to lean How to be a Sports Nutritionist can be worthwhile.

The Academy's Sports Nutrition Specialist® (S.N.S.) program is designed to teach you How to be a Sports Nutritionist with both the theory and practical applications of sports nutrition, that can help anyone achieve optimal performance. Your professional Sports nutrition training can help prepare you to be a sports nutrition consultant and is a great certification for exercise instructors, personal trainers, coaches and nutritionists.

As a Sports Nutrition Specialist® (S.N.S.), you can earn up to $200.00 per consultation plus the sale of supplements. You may work in your own private practice, wellness centers or gyms.

When you learn How to be a Sports Nutritionist, your training will include how to determine your client's calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat needs. You will learn which dietary configuration is best for your client's chosen sport, as well as which sports nutrition supplements will best help your client achieve his/her goals.

Individualized sports nutrition recommendations are crucial to helping your client recuperate from workouts, have a high level of energy, build strength, endurance and muscle. Basic, biological needs must also be addressed to insure your client has all the nutritional co-factors needed for a strong immune system, the prevention of nutrient depletions caused by exercise and to meet the increased need for antioxidants.

If you want to learn How to be a Sports Nutritionist and seek the best sports nutrition training available, taught by the most knowledgeable teachers around, consider the Academy of Natural Health Sciences'
Sports Nutrition Specialist® (S.N.S.) certification program.

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