When students join the Academy's nutrition program,
they really learn HOW to be a nutritionist.

Learning how to be a nutritionist takes more than just knowing about B vitamins and
sprouts. The Academy’s nutrition program (classroom or online) certainly teaches
you both the nutritional basics and the advanced concepts needed to have
a more complete understanding of your nutrition counseling profession.

But, how does one actually help people with nutrition? How do you learn how to be a nutritionist who can use those concepts to help people back to good health?

In our training program, learning how to be a nutritionist includes a concentrated focus
on nutritional evaluations and health assessments. The student learns how to gather
important information right from the first phone call, long before he/she
even sees the client for the first session.

When you know How to be a nutritionist, you take every opportunity to paint a complete picture of your client’s health. You ask questions like: “What are you trying to accomplish with nutrition? What is your medical doctor’s diagnosis? What are your symptoms? What medications are you taking? Do you take nutritional supplements?”

This allows you to accumulate a plethora of information and to do any
necessary referencing, research or even to contact your Academy
mentor before your client’s first session.

Knowing how to be a nutritionist means that you will utilize health and nutrition
questionnaires, medical doctor blood work, food allergy tests and other nutritional
and functional tests, kinesiology nutritional testing and your client’s family health
history, in order to determine your client’s current health condition, nutritional
competencies, lifestyle, and genetic risk factors.

Once you’ve learned how to be a nutritionist, you can take all of this information and develop a dietary program, supplementation program, exercise program and stress reduction program that is customized to your client’s specific needs.

And, because you’ve learned how to be a nutritionist at the Academy, you will receive unlimited field supervision if you need help with a difficult case, formulating a protocol or
even business decisions. If you wish, you can also have wholesale access
to over 200 companies who manufacture over 20,000 professional,
nutritional products you can sell to your clients. All distributed by
a company who will drop-ship products to your clients for you,
so you won’t need to have any product inventory.

There is a very BIG difference between learning ABOUT nutrition and learning how to
BE a nutritionist; and, that’s the big difference in the Academy’s
professional nutrition career training.

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