Let The Academy Teach You

How to be a Massage Therapist

At the Academy, we can teach you How to be a Massage Therapist in just a few short months. We give you the four major modalities of massage therapy training needed to insure both your expertise and marketability. Our Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Medical Massage therapy training will set you apart from other massage therapist. It's the kind of massage therapy training that will make you the "indispensable" therapist at the spa, gym or medical office.

Learning How to be a Massage Therapist at the Academy is a great experience. Your massage therapy training is professional, thorough and fun. We use teaching and testing methods that will make your massage therapy training easier and more enjoyable. No need to fear because it's "been a while" since you were in school. Our testing methods are designed to help you succeed and they help alleviate testing anxiety. It's no wonder that 98% of the Academy's students are "A" students.

Learning How to be a Massage Therapist the Academy way, means that your massage therapy training is complete. Subjects like anatomy and physiology are career focused and actually easier to learn. Your academic studies are no longer a huge chore, leaving you more time to practice your hands-on massage techniques.

If you're looking for great massage therapy training, let the Academy teach you How to be a Massage Therapist. You'll receive expert instruction from a teacher with over thirty years of both teaching and practical experience; and, pay the lowest tuition in the Tri-State area.

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