How To Be A Clinical Aromatherapist

Online (Home-Study) Program

Train to be a
Clinical Aromatherapist

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences’ Clinical Aromatherapist® (CL.A.) training teaches you how to be a clinical aromatherapist by instructing you how to assist anyone to achieve all levels of healing; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is a
professional program designed to prepare you to work in wellness centers,
healthcare offices, spas or your own private practice.

If you would like to discover the healing capabilities of essential oils and how you can help yourself, your family, friends or if you want to build your own aromatherapy practice, then learning how to be a Clinical Aromatherapist® (CL.A.), may be for you.

Aromatherapy is one of the most useful modalities that seems to get overlooked in building healthier lifestyles. Our Clinical Aromatherapist®(CL.A.) online program is designed to
give you the professional knowledge that would assist you with client assessments,
recommendations, practical applications and strategies for building your own practice.

Currently, clinical aromatherapy is becoming in demand as consumer awareness is increasing of the benefits of the use of essential oils. Aromatherapy is being used in many different settings. It is used in hospitals, hospice, salons, day spas, and in the home. It can be used to improve relaxation, sleep, pain management, mood support and to fragrance the environment. Learning how to be a Clinical Aromatherapist® (CL.A.), you will be able to study the art and science of aromatherapy that may promote balance and enhance the healing process.

The Academy’s Clinical Aromatherapist® (CL.A.) exclusive program is a must for anyone working as a massage therapist, nurse, physician’s assistant, health coach or in the salon service industry. Unlike other aromatherapy programs, we teach you how to be a clinical aromatherapist and how to build your own aromatherapy practice. We will provide you with comprehensive knowledge and utilization of essential oils that can help assist you with providing competent aromatherapy recommendations. In addition, we will provide you with an understanding of healthy nutrition and lifestyle which can enhance you and your clients’ goals while utilizing the benefits of aromatherapy.

Upon completion of our Clinical Aromatherapist®® (CL.A.) program, you will receive exclusive privileges. You will be able to receive unlimited field supervision, access to professional resources and can purchase products at wholesale prices from one of the
biggest natural products distributors that carries essential
oils from many different manufacturers.

Learn today from our expert Aromatherapy instructors and enjoy the many benefits of how
to become a clinical aromatherapist and what it can
offer to yourself and your clients.

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