How to Obtain a Proper Herbal Education

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences offers the most complete Master Herbalist Program designed for personal enrichment or a career in the holistic health field.

Do you want a professional education in herbology?

Do you want a career as a Master Herbalist helping people regain and maintain health?

Are you looking for a quality education in a timely manner to become a recognized expert in the field without spending a large amount of money?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Academy of Natural Health Sciences’ herbal education program is right for you.

Our Master Herbalist program is a home-study program that is designed to be taken part-time at your own schedule or full time. Herbal education is also a part of our home-study and classroom clinical nutrition and holistic health programs.

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What Does the Master Herbalist Program Teach You?

Section #1 – Human Anatomy & Physiology

Section #2 – Herbal Theory and Practice

Section #3 – Healthy Nutrition & Lifestyle

Section #4 – Herbal Detoxification

Section #5 – Diseases, Drugs and Herbs

Section #6 – The Herbal Health Consultation

Section #7 – Herbalist Jurisprudence & Ethics

Section #8 – Practice Building Strategies

Our herbal education program is one of the most renowned programs available. It is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education. This holds our herbal education program to the highest standards.

How many programs will give the resources to handle real-world problems?

How do you help those with health problems without interfering with any of their medications?

How do you approach herbal use for children?

What constitutes a good herbal detoxification program?

How do you educate your client in the use of herbs for chronic health concerns?

How do you do a proper and professional client consultation?

How do you put together a herbal protocol?

Our herbal education program also covers important nutrition & health concepts. We cover this area because nutrition is the core of healthy living and healing. You will come to understand that your client isn't living a pristine existence where diet and lifestyle are concerned. Your client’s nutritional status has a big effect on how well your herbal recommendations will work.

Our herbal education program is taught by Dr. Frank Auriemma, a practicing Master Herbalist for over 35 years.

For more info about our herbal education training, you can visit our Master Herbalist page at

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