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As we look at the foot reflexology chart, we can see how parts of the foot "reflex" to other parts of the body. The reflexology map is our guide when we perform foot reflexology. Foot
reflexology is a very effective form of massage that can have a
deeply relaxing effect on the entire body

Foot Reflexology can help us when our bodies are not working the way they should. The reflexology map shows us the areas of the foot that correspond with both internal and external areas of the body. By working an area of the foot reflexology chart with our thumbs, we stimulate the corresponding organ, gland or other body parts.

Foot Reflexology works because the bottoms of the feet are one of the places on the
body that have many nerve endings that give us access (through the nervous system)
to almost every part of the body. The foot reflexology chart above is probably
the most accurate reflexology map you can find.

The reflexology map can be a very good indicator of potential troubles in or on our body. When we press on a point indicated on the Foot Reflexology chart that is painful, you can bet that the corresponding body part is experiencing an imbalance of some kind. By
working the reflexology map point until the pain has subsided,
we can bring more nervous system energy to that body part.

Through foot reflexology massage, we can bring balance to any part of the body and
greatly enhance the body's healing capacity. As part of a comprehensive, holistic
health protocol, Foot Reflexology can be an indispensable healing tool.

The Academy's foot reflexology program focuses on both the relaxation benefits of
a good Foot Reflexology massage and the therapeutic benefits.

If you're interested in learning how to make the reflexology map work for you and your
family, or, if you would like to become a Reflexology Therapist, please
contact the Academy today.

Remember, Reflexology is not regulated by the NJ State Massage Licensing Bill.
Anyone can practice professional reflexology without being a
Certified/Licensed massage therapist.

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