The Importance of Equine Nutrition

Horses and human beings have long shared a very strong connection. They’ve pulled our carriages, hauled us along on their backs, helped to mobilize resources and been the most trusted of aides. They have provided humanity with consistent transportation, reliability and companionship for generations. Although their roles may have changed with the advent of the automotive industry, horses are still favored for their grace, elegance and the zen-like feelings of relaxation a good horseback ride can instill.

As the world turns more to natural methods of preserving their health, such as paying closer attention to their nutritional needs, the same level of attention needs to be paid to the equine population. This is why learning more about equine nutrition can keep your horses looking and feeling their best.

There are many reasons why one may decide to expand their horizons and devote some time to equine nutrition. Farmers, veterinarians, horse-owners or simply animal enthusiasts who want to know more about their favorite animal can benefit from reading up on equine nutrition.

Horses are large, powerful creatures who are typically very physically active. This may, over time, impact their joints and muscular systems, so it’s important to be proactive in incorporating the right kind of specific equine nutrition to suit your horse’s needs.

Educating oneself about equine nutrition may help to extend your horse’s life by teaching you how to manage what they eat, what foods should be limited, which nearby plants may be toxic, optimal feeding techniques, acupuncture, massage and pasture management. A comprehensive equine nutrition curriculum also includes the proper use of homeopathic remedies, herbs and flower essences to help stabilize your horse’s mood and help promote optimal strength, endurance and overall well-being.

So, with the right equine nutrition knowledge at your fingertips, you can
give back to these majestic animals that have given so very
much to us over the years.

Horse Nutrition Courses

The relationship between horse and human has spanned thousands of years. From being used as a primary means of transportation to becoming a trusted animal friend to farm owners and equestrians alike, horses are one of the most intelligent and noble creatures ever to grace this planet. What can mankind give back to an animal that has already contributed so much? The gift that keeps on giving, good health, of course!

Horse nutrition courses are a great way for the interested horse handler to become more directly invested in their horse’s health and well-being. This can be a valuable asset to any horse owner or horse enthusiast, whether you’re a handler, casual rider, professional equestrian, farmer, animal healthcare practitioner, veterinary professional or just someone who loves animals. Horse nutrition courses can provide you with an insightful look at which foods are best at maintaining optimal health and vitality for your horse.

This can help you make better decisions when it comes to selecting your horse’s food, snacks and supplements. Horse nutrition courses can also guide you in correct herbal use for horses, clarifying which herbal preparations are beneficial and which can be potentially dangerous. Homeopathy and herbology are also key components of natural health for horses. Nutrition courses can also help educate students in how to recognize common symptoms of disease and employ natural methods to facilitate greater healing. Health assessments are also a key feature of horse nutrition courses that can keep your horse or your client’s horse on the fast track toward good health.


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