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Train to be a
Weight-Loss Specialist®

If you're interested in Diet Training or have ever thought of becoming a diet coach, food coach or weight-loss coach, the Academy's Weight-Loss Specialist® certification program may be right for you.

As a Weight-Loss Specialist® (W.L.S.), you can earn up to $200.00 per consultation plus the sale of supplements. You may work in your own private practice, wellness centers, healthcare offices, gyms and spas.

You've probably read a book or two on weight-loss and maybe you've even taken a course as part of a personal trainer certification or a nutrition program. But, the right Diet Training needs to be thorough and go far beyond what most people would consider "sufficient".

Your average weight-loss client is not going to be a bodybuilder or an aerobics instructor. Your average weight-loss client will be well over 30 years of age; will have medical conditions; and, will be taking medications. Diet training needs to teach you how to help the average Jane and Joe, who both need and can afford your services.

The Academy's Weight-Loss Specialist® program is the most thorough Diet Training of its kind, covering all aspects of scientific, weight-loss methods. From low-calorie, to low-fat vegetarian and everything in between, all major diet training methods are taught. Your diet training also includes how to use nutrients and herbs to achieve safe and effective weight-loss. Medical conditions and nutrient/herb/drug contraindications are also covered.

Healthy, holistic weight-loss is a delicate balancing act between self-induced starvation (calorie restriction) and the prevention of nutritional deficiencies. You will learn that each dieting method causes very specific nutrient deficiencies (and) nutrient dependencies.

No other Diet Training comes close to the level of professionalism and expertise you will achieve with our Weight-Loss Specialist® certification program.

If you want the best diet training available, taught by the most knowledgeable teachers around, consider the Academy of Natural Health Sciences' Weight-Loss Specialist® certification program.

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