Train to be a
Detoxification Specialist®

For many people, the importance of an effective Detox and Cleansing
program can not be over stressed.

The Academy's Detoxification Specialist® (Dt.Sp.) Certification Program is designed to teach you the advanced knowledge and techniques that can help your clients achieve better health, more energy and a new zest for life.

As a Detoxification Specialist® (Dt.Sp.), you can earn up to $200.00 per
consultation plus the sale of supplements. You may work in your own
private practice, wellness centers, healthcare offices, gyms and spas.

Detox and Cleansing procedures are very specific in nature. The Detoxification Specialist® needs to consider many factors before
determining what kind of detox and cleansing program is best for his/her client.
One size does not fit all in the detox and cleansing world.

There are many things to consider, including: health issues, medications, medication and herb contraindications, occupation, time away from home, etc. What kind of detox and cleansing program does your client need? An organ and endocrine detox? A liver detox? An intestinal detox? A heavy metal
detox? A bacterial, fungal or viral detox? A full-body detox?

As you can probably see, a detox program isn't just a matter of drinking vegetable
juice and avoiding sugar. A Detoxification Specialist® is truly that,
a specialist in the art of detoxification and cleansing.

Let the Academy of Natural Health Sciences train you to become a
Detoxification Specialist® (Dt.Sp.) and help people achieve
their detox and cleansing goals.

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