Looking for an animal nutrition course to fit your particular interests and aspirations?

Then choose the Academy animal nutrition course that’s right for you:

Canine Nutrition - For the pet parent.

Feline Nutrition - For the pet parent.

Clinical Pet Nutritionist® (C.P.N.®) - For the aspiring professional.

Any animal nutrition course should teach you exactly what you want to know. Our Canine and Feline animal nutrition courses are trainings that will teach the pet parent the professional knowledge needed to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Our Clinical Pet Nutritionist® (C.P.N.®) training is the animal nutrition course you need to become a professional consultant. If you love animals and love nutrition, this is the animal nutrition course for you. Learn how to teach pet owners to help their furry friends maintain great health or get back to great health, using natural and holistic methods.

Whichever Academy animal nutrition course you choose, we will give you the best training available. We are a vocational training school, and as such, we follow the vocational model of learning. We feel that there is no place for courses like History, English or Algebra in an animal nutrition course. We instead, use your time and your brain power, to focus on the knowledge that really matters. An animal nutrition course should be exactly that… Animal Nutrition!

We love animals as much as you do and we are proud of our animal nutrition courses.

We invite you to join our many home-study, pet nutrition students and
experience what we feel is the best pet nutrition training there is.

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