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The Academy's Pet Nutrition programs are very thorough training's. Our Canine & Feline pet nutrition programs are designed to help the pet owner
to better feed and care for their animals. Our Clinical Pet Nutritionist®
Animal Career & Pet Career program is a professional training, designed for people who love both animals and nutrition, to educate pet
owners about natural ways to help keep their pets healthy.

As a Clinical Pet Nutritionist® (C.P.N.), you can earn up to $200.00 per consultation plus the sale of supplements. You may work in your own private practice, pet stores or veterinary offices.

At the Academy, we take pet nutrition very seriously. We understand that pet nutrition should be approached with the same academic standards as our human nutrition programs. The people who put these Animal Career & Pet Career programs together are not just animal lovers, but, are clinical nutritionists as well. We understand the need to impart a thorough understanding of the theory and application of modern pet nutrition. When your client can't talk or complain about what ails her, the need for good Pet Nutrition education
is of paramount importance.

We feel that our Canine Nutrition and Feline Nutrition programs can give the pet owner the knowledge to better feed and care for their pets; and, that our Clinical Pet Nutritionist® (C.P.N.) Animal Career & Pet Career program
can give the aspiring professional the knowledge and confidence needed
to help pet owners help their pets live longer, healthier and happy lives.

If you're looking for a pet nutrition school that will give you great training with an affordable tuition, please check out our Pet Nutrition Programs today.

This is an "online program" meaning you will need to have basic computer skills, and equipment. Note that some programs to not work well on mobile devices, so we recommend having a computer accessible. We currently use Google classroom, and will are in the process of transitioning to a fully online format by the end of 2024.

Pet Nutrition

Animal Careers & Pet Careers

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