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When choosing which alternative medicine school you would like to train with, there are a few factors to take into consideration.

With the explosion of interest in alternative medicine schools, various programs have popped up throughout the country. However, most of these “schools” have no formal accreditation from a government approved department of education.

Accreditation means that the programs at the alternative medicine school are approved by a department of education. The State has granted a license to the school to officially designate them as a vocational education provider.

This designation holds the school accountable for the subjects and programs they teach, and they must have a higher standard of education to receive this license.

Unfortunately, many alternative medicine schools are not State licensed or accredited. They may say they are accredited by a third party organization, but if it’s not from a State licensed board of education, it means very little. They have not created or presented program standards to a higher education board.

Why is the Academy of Natural Health Sciences the best choice when it comes to choosing an alternative medicine school?

The Academy has been a NJ State licensed vocational training school since 1991. Our programs are approved by the NJ Department of Education and the NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development.

We have a staff of highly educated professionals who don’t just teach their subject but also practice it. This is a lot different from many schools, where their professors may not have even practiced in the field.

With the growing demand for alternative medicine practitioners, you will want to choose a program that has a proven tract record for providing an excellent education.

Our programs are professional trainings that will teach you what you need to graduate with the skills and confidence to be a successful practitioner.

The Academy has trained and educated students from all walks of life, such as average Janes and Joes, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, personal trainers, massage therapists and just about every other background and education you can think of. The Academy has been serving the needs of alternative medicine enthusiasts for over 25 years.

Our home-study programs serve students from around the U.S. and around the world who are looking for a cutting edge, professional alternative medicine school.

The Academy is located in Middlesex County (Central NJ, USA). Our alternative medicine school is very close to the NJ Transit Train Station and a stone’s throw away from most major highways and through ways in NJ.

If you are looking for an alternative medicine school that will provide you with an excellent education and the skills to be an expert, please CONTACT US today.

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